David Tennant, along with a host of venerable presenters who need to either protect their ears from noise at work or just be prevented from hearing anything was spotted by an eagle eyed staff member yesterday sporting a pair of Peltor Headsets whilst a guest on Saturday Night Takeaway, a TV show presented by the talented Ant and Dec.

As we mentioned, previously we had spotted the two lesser presenters of BBC’s TOP Gear sporting Peltor Protacs which allow two way communications whilst protecting the ears.

 Top gear Peltor headsets

Well on this Saturday’s episode we caught sight of the ex Doctor Who festooned with what appeares to be Ear Defenders which, by virtue of their active protection, their high attenuation and their noise cancelling featuresm, would have cut out all background noise.

david tennant

Those of you from the industries, such as shooting, construction, rail workers, oil, Police and MOD Peltor Headsets who generally purchase from Best4Systems will possibly be asking why we do not sell this model of headset. Well although we are a Platinum Partner we have yet to be offered these tasteful yet fully functional gold sequin finished models but we hope to stock these in the near future.


Our full range can be seen here : https://www.best4systems.co.uk/3m-peltor

About Peltor

3M is a global leader in providing PELTOR Protective Communication Headsets for use in hazardous and high noise environments. By focusing on function and design, we’ve created advanced and comfortable headsets that are attractive to use.
The PELTOR brand product range includes a broad selection of microphone headsets, headsets with Bluetoothâ„¢ and workstyle products with built in FM radio headsets, for use in a variety of noisy environments.