peltor-lite-comIn many work situations it is necessary to protect workers ears from potentially harmful noise. This is ( as decreed by the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 ) the responsibility of the employer to assure that the safety of the employee is catered for. As a result there are many options for ear defenders on the market which, with differing protection levels can be used in noisy environments such as construction, shooting, drilling, manufacturing – anywhere where the delicate organ which is the ear could be at risk from either sudden loud noises or, the just as injurious, cumulative background noise.

However in some situations it is not enough just to protect the ears – it is necessary to allow communications to take place between the wearers so some innovative solutions to this issue have evolved allowing high levels of protection and intercom communictaions using PMR ( Personal Mobile Radio ) frequencies at the same time. Here we look at two of the leading ear defenders with intercom :

Peltor LiteCom Headband

This is the base model for an ear defender allowing communications whilst protecting the ears. This headset has passive noise protection and allows connection to an unlimited number of other audio devices.

When a worker puts on a Peltor LiteCom they are immediately ready to communicate. Connection can be voice operated so a completely hands free usage is possible. Peltor’s voice technology also will amplify quiet speech automatically . The headset will also allow you to take an additional input from an audio player or mobile phone and, of course, will automatically mute this secondary audio stream should someone with to talk to you.
View the headset here » Peltor LiteCom Headband

Peltor LiteCom Plus Headband

The Plus version takes everything that is good about the basic version and improves upon it. It incorporates Peltor’s active noise protection which dynamically protects from sudden loud sound. During times of low noise this intelligent headset can allow gentle ambient sounds to get through to you, increasing protection only when necessary.
View the headset here »Peltor LiteCom Plus Headband



Both these headsets, as well as others in the LiteCom range from Peltor cover almost any necessity for workers with specialised models for such vaired endeavours as Military, Shooting, Police, Oil Industry, Aviation, Broadcasting and for Rail Workers – environments where ear protection is obligatory and the ability to communicate a very good idea .