An introduction

The sales of Panasonic telephone systems in the UK outnumbers those of any other manufacturer. Panasonic have built their reputation upon the years of experience of manufacturing top quality electronic products. The focus on reliability, functionality and build quality are just a few of the factors that make Panasonic telephone systems a worthy choice.

Full support is provided for all Panasonic telephone systems by Best4Systems through the relationship we have built with the manufacturer. Best4Systems can offer to assist you in anything from decision-making to installation of the chosen Panasonic telephone system.

IP Enabled Panasonic telephone Systems

telephone systems of the 21st century need to operate seamlessly with the IT equipment that is commonplace in the office of today. IP enabled telephone systems are now a must for businesses Nowadays. If your business is to compete in the modern marketplace an up-to-date business communications system is needed and this is where IP enabling comes into the picture. The range of KXTDA telephone systems from Panasonic combine voice and data communication solutions in a efficient and money saving manner.

Using the same wide area network or WAN for voice and data communication means you can make considerable cost savings over using separate networks. Through a sophisticated combination of IP technology and PBX reliability, Panasonic telephone systems such as the KX-TDA can bridge the gap the telecom requirements of todays modern businesses and tomorrows demands for integrated solutions.

Panasonic Telephone Systems features

With the Panasonic KX-TDA you have a complete communications solution for your businesse. This will help in improving productivity, increasing overall saving, and smooth the integration of your workforce, your telephone systems and your IT infrastructure. With it’s ability to be fitted to a 19” rack, your Panasonic KX-TDA telephone system can be integrated with minimal efort to your existing IT network.

Voice processing, computer telephony integration, a panasonic pc phone and a pc operator console are all influencing features of the KX-TDA. DECT telephones can be intregrated in your Panasonic telephone system to increase the mobility of your workforce and with call management software and call logging you can maximise the efficieny of your telephone system.

Whatever your requirements, whatever your marketplace, Panasonic telephone systems can bring your business into the digital communications age.

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