Companies move, communications get upgraded or changed to make best use of changing technologies and what happens with the old equipment?
For example a large office or call centre may decide to upgrade to a new Unified Communications platform which requires Microsoft Teams enabled endpoints.
Naturally in order to leverage the full functionality of the new system, new headsets and telephones may be required. This can leave a business with a difficult question – what to do with the old telephones and headsets?

There are many factors worth taking into account when having to deal with ‘obsolete’ telecoms equipment :

  1. Value – without doubt the old telecoms gear will have some value to the right person. The longer it is kept it is likely that the value will decrease as it becomes older
  2. Storage – who needs to use important office space to store old telephones and headsets?
  3. Cost Offset – buying new telecoms costs money – if you are able to sell your old equipment you can reduce the outlay. In some cases it is possible to put your old equipment up as part payment (or even full) for the new.
  4. Obsolescence – it is quite possible that, in time the old kit will become obsolete and, hence harder to sell.
  5. Environmental – the last thing anyone wants is to add to the amount of waste in the world – particularly plastic. Reselling old equipment can save it from landfill – certainly a desirable outcome.

recycle your telecoms


We live in a society of ‘upgrades‘ whereby there is not only the necessity of frequent adoption of new technologies, features and platforms, but there is also a tendency just to keep up with the latest models.

We see people requiring new speakerphones for smaller conference rooms ( huddle rooms ) and selling on their larger SoundStations; there are those who will be interested in more modern headsets ( some headsets allow greater density of deployment without interference – some are Teams enabled – some have new innovations ).

So, in order to take all the above issues into account and leverage the residual value in your old equipment – use our form – send us the details and we will get back to you by phone or email and make you an offer.