Not Everyone Works in an OfficeWe specialise in office and business telecoms. This ranges ranges from small phone systems and their associated telephones, headsets, switches and accessories to entire VoIP systems and headsets for call centers. However, there is a large workforce which requires a different slant on their day to day communications. Not everyone works in an office. We, of course, provide solutions for them.

Festivals and Outdoor Events

Working at a festival is challenging work, its it busy and there is always the need for staff to keep contact with each other and with security and emergency services. It is common for non office staff to be fitted out with Two Way Radios at concerts and festivals – these can be simple PMR ( Personal Mobile Radios ) which operate over the unlicensed PMR frequency of a range of up to about 2-3 miles. We have the Motorola TLKR T40 Twin Pack on sale currently at only £23. For larger areas and with higher specifications you may wish to look at the Motorola, Kenwood or Icom Licence free radios at Two Way Radios which


Peltor Ear Defenders for non office workersIn many areas of work ( yes it is true ) people work outside an office, even outdoors. The main industries with large workforces who work collaboratively ( that is to say that they need to communicate with each other ) outside are construction, security, police forces, the armed forces, oil and gas and the massive rail workforce. These workers frequently also have to deal, not only with mobile communications, but loud or continuous noise from which they must be protected. The industry leader in the provisioning of such devices, specialising in headwear/ ear wear which both protects the ears, but allows communications is Peltor. For example they produce a range of simple ear defenders which can be used in a great variety of scenarios where there is danger of noise. Some of these have intelligent protection involved which can, at the same time, amplify speech, whilst actively cutting out loud background noise or sharp sounds as they occur. There is almost no limit to what Peltor has managed to include in their features built in to ear defenders, such as allowing someone to listen to the radio whilst engaged in heavy work – of course these also allow advanced lines on two way communications via WiFi, Bluetooth or DECT technology. We have even supplied a Moto GP Team with Peltor Headsets for their pit area : story here : Peltor Ear Defenders for MotoGP
Peltor industrial hearing protection headsets surpass all UK safety guidelines for Noise at Work regulations and, further provide headsets for hunting, shooting and military usage.

Fixed Outdoor Lines

Gai Tronics Outdoor TelephoneThere are many external environments where public access phone lines are essential. Gai-Tronics manufactures a range of sturdy telephones for all sorts of situations. These ‘special environment telephones’ typically have features designed to protect the unit itself as well as allowing suitable ease of access for the user. For example Gai-Tronics phones are frequently both vandal and weather resistant, easy to clean/ disinfect and built to withstand extremes of temperature. Variations in the specific models include phones which allow normal connection to the public exchange (PSTN) and

phones which will only call certain numbers for you. YOu may have seen such phones in airports which will call a local taxi company for example. Other Gai-Tronics phones are particularly suited for installation for quick access to emergency services or selected help numbers. Gai-Tronics phones are often coloured in a distinctive, easy to spot, yellow colour. Many products are available here : Gai-Tronics

If you have any requirements for special environment or outdoor telecoms then please get in touch with us.