it manBest4Systems have vast experience in supplying communication equipment which is designed to protect your ears in noisy environments. Commonly these have been for people who do, what could be classed as coming from the more exciting occupations like the military, the police, drillers, oil rig workers railways, cut down trees and work near race tracks. These rugged and, dare I say, macho environments are well served by a variety of headphones which allow communications whilst protecting the ears from potentially harmful sounds at work.

However, just recently we have become more and more aware of a rather different hazardous workplace environment – that of the DATA Center.

noise at work in a data centre

Whereas many industries call for acoustic protection from sharp, sudden or over high volume sounds there is also a very real danger of long term aural damage or tinitus from long durations of far lower sound levels.

Data centres are places with, often, constant background noise which can cause irreparable damage to the inner ear. Naturally non curable issues call for proper preventative measures to be in place.

According to Noise at Work Regulations the onus is on the employer to provide adequate protection for their staff in the workplace so that data centre managers are increasingly looking to provide headsets for staff.

As a data center would not generally ( one would hope ) be the sort of place to emit high volume, sudden loud noise a headset of lower protection could well be worn – such as the Peltor Optime I Ear Defender which will protect the ears well from the droning background sound. Of course, if your data centre staff need to communicate with each other or externally something like the Peltor XP Bluetooth A2DP
noise at work in a data centre

More information on our range of Peltor Products can be found on the website here whilst we also have a wealth of information on our post at Ear Defenders at Work

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Further : if you would like our help then get in touch with us and we can arrange a free onsite noise assessment and consultation. Based upon our findings we can offer you advice on best practice and support in provisioning your employees with the best noise protection headwear for your purpose. We are also able to offer you sample products on a trial basis so that you are able to properly assess the effectiveness of our proposed solutions.

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