New Sennheiser Circle SC 238 and SC 268 Headsets

Sennheiser's Circle™ Series of headsets have been designed to offer voice clarity along with ultra noise cancelling microphones.
Further, the Circle™ series have been built to the highest levels of durability and comfort and are surprisingly light.
They are perfect for the call centre worker who has to wear a headset for extended periods.
The Circle™ headsets are wired and suitable for Unified Communications.
The Easy Disconnect allows connection to a range of devices and platforms.

In Sennheiser's words :

In increasingly stressful workplaces, being able to hear and be heard clearly is critical to performance – and long-term comfort is essential for all day users to maintain their focus and energy.

With Sennheiser Voice Clarity, noise-cancelling microphone for noisy environments and a lightweight, ergonomic design for all day use, a Circle™ headset is simply the perfect tool when clear communication and long term user comfort are crucial to the job in hand.

The latest models from the Circle™ Series are the Sennheiser SC 238 and the Sennheiser SC 268 headsets which not only carry the audio enhancements of the other headsets in the series but have also been specifically designed for use with narrowband, high impedance telephones.

The stand out properties of these headsets are the following :

  • Colour : Black
  • Wearing Style : Classic Headband
  • Connection : Quick/ Easy Disconnect
  • Microphone Frequency Response : 150-6800 Hz
  • Headphones Frequency Response : 50-12000 Hz
  • Length of Cord : 1 Metre
  • Weight : 58g
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level : Max. 110 dB via ED


The two models are differentiated by number of earpieces - the SC 238 being monaural and the SC 268 being binaural. In general the binaural headset choice offers greater concentration than the monaural, which, itself allows more interaction with colleagues and the surrounding environment.

If you are interested in buying either the Sennheiser SC 238 or the Sennheiser SC 268 headsets then feel free to get in touch with one of our team on 0844 824 6664 or contact us using the form here.


Further suggested reading on impedance ( it is like resistance but in an AC environment ) :