Sangoma Technologies is a supplier of VoIP solutions for businesses based in Canada.
The company is renowned for its Unified Communications products which include cloud based or premise based telephone systems; telephony cards for all systems and a range of desktop IP phones for your business.
They are also renowned for their compatibility with FreePBX.

Sangoma IP Phones

Sangoma’s VoIP telephones are well priced yet supremely feature packed IP phones which will work with the majority of IP telephone systems as well as all Unified Communications platforms.
A USP for the Sangoma phones is their ease of deployment, being plug and play via a proprietary system ( Zero One Touch Provisioning ) whereby the phones are automatically configured upon connection.

All the Sangoma IP Phones have integrated POE ( Power Over Ethernet ), HD Sound and Duplex Speakerphones and backlit LCD displays and all can be wall mounted should that be desirable.

Sangoma S300 IP

The entry level model is the Sangoma s300 VoIP Phone – with HD this is a desktop feature phone which can accommodate 2 SIP accounts whilst having 6 feature keys and a monochrome LCD display.

Sangoma S400 IP

Moving up through the series we come to the Sangoma s400 VoIP Phone which has the additional inclusion of 25 programmable soft keys and a larger screen. The 400, and the other models ‘above’ it in the range also support the Sangoma EHS Adapter – allowing connection of a wireless headset to your Sangoma Phone.

Sangoma S500 IP

The Sangoma S500 IP raises the bar yet again with a larger and clearer colour screen and the additional support for an EXP expansion module – whereby users with particularly high call volumes can add on up to 6 modules with each carrying an extra 60 programmable quick access keys. The s500 also introduces support for Gigabit data transfer over IP which adds a new level of sound quality to calls.

Sangoma S700 IP

Top of the range is the Sangoma s700 with all the features of the preceding models this has been designed for the executive/ power user – with 45 programmable soft keys and 10 line keys around the vibrant colour screen.

The Sangoma Range

These IP endpoints allow an easy deployment via the One Touch Provisioning and, one in place, are easy to use with an intuitive interface and the facility to expand the higher end models with more keys. Feedback on these models has been great with customers commenting on their ease of use and their reliable and good sound quality.

If you are interested in finding out how the Sangoma IP phones could help with your business communications then please use our contact form or call us on 0844 824 6664

Comparison of Sangoma IP Phones

To compare the models in the Sangoma Range you can use our product matrix here or the entire range here

Sangoma IP Phones Video Overview