The New Polycom 8500 Trio

Polycom brought the world the first conference phone 25 years ago - the first three pronged SoundStation - which has become knows as a spider phone by some. The SoundStation Premiere set a new standard in style and quality in business audio conferencing. The sleek lines of this original conference phone has been oft imitated and indeed is the 'de facto' build for a such a device a quarter of century later.

Over the years Polycom have evolved their product to keep pace with all the developments in business communications and grown as a company to not only supply hardware. Polycom now forms a binding standard in the communications world having forged strategic partnerships with all the major platforms providing a global partner ecosystem and ensuring the best user experience.

So from the SoundStation Premier Polycom's range grew to the SoundStation 2 and Ex ( expandable ) models and to encompass the whole range of IP telephony as well with the SoundStation IP ranges.

In an demanding environment Polycom broke the mould a couple of years ago with the SoundStation 8800 trio, sporting a large colour screen. They have now usurped the top model by announcing the impending release of the Polycom 8500 Trio.

Abut the Polycom 8500 Trio

The 8500 takes the 8800 trio and raises the bar ever so slightly, but ever so well. In keeping with the massive uptake in the use of personal devices in the workplace the 8800 trio allows local content to be shared over Apple AirPlay™ or via Miracast (HDMI over WiFi) - this will come into its own when ( later his year ) Polycom add to the device's video conferencing operability - with motorised pan-tilt-zoom (MPTZ) cameras.

The Polycom Trio 8500 - due to its open line registration will allow connection to almost any IP/ SIP environment such as Skype for Business or cloud based platforms such as Cisco and Avaya.

The 8500 will deliver great sound for a medium sized conference room, having, integral all of Polycom;s latest sound technology such as HD Voice and NoiseBlock. Like its predecessor the 8800, the 8500 sports a large colour touch screen, making deployment and usage as intuitive as possible.

Mary McDowell, CEO of Polycom.

“For a quarter century, businesses have known to look for Polycom’s visually distinctive phones and have counted on them to provide superior and unparalleled call quality, The new 8500 is the latest in our line of renowned conference phones, designed for the 21st century workplace with a modern look and crystal clear audio quality and the best interoperability across ecosystems – another signature Polycom feature.”

Polycom 8500 Trio Video

View the Polycom 8500 Trio here