A new Standard in Design, Comfort and Protection

Their latest range of ear defenders are the 3M™ Peltor™ X Series these have been designed to offer increased comfort and protection whilst delivering a fresh look. They are also easily integrated with the majority of safety helmets. They come in a variety of colours, each of which denotes a range of attentuation levels for differing industrial environments, protecting a user in places such as drilling, roadworks, forestry where there is a serious threat of aural damage due to prolonged or sudden noise.

Peltor 3M are the worlds leading manufacturer of Ear Defenders – these are headsets/ headphones designed to protect the ears from noisy environments. Peltor Headsets have a well earnt reputation for comfort and safety.

Peltor Attenuation Levels

These new protective headsets will be a great addition to our portfolio as we are a Platinum Peltor Dealer and have a long track record in supplying Ear Defenders to many companies.

Peltor X Series Video