Mitel Telephones Reviewed

Mitel Phones ReviewedMitel Telephones - unified communications for business telephony

Mitel is a major communications manufacturer, originating from Ontario, Canada - it specialises in the provisioning of unified communications
" a set of products that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types"

Mitel IP Phones

Mitel IP Phones

This means that Mitel provide a host of communications devices ranging from VoIP/ PABX Systems to IP Business Phones to conferencing and messaging solutions. In today's fast paced world of business and commerce it is increasingly important for the relay of information internally to be as optimal as possible - hence the adoption of this unified approach to its product portfolio.

Best4Systems provide the range of Mitel Telephones, both brand new and remanufactured for business telephone use for anything from a small office or call centre.

Mitel IP Telephones

The IP phones from Mitel are manufactured to provide connection to IP Telephony Platforms an offer a range of features including clear displays, programmable function keys, headset connection and a host of other facilities available deisgned to increase working efficiency and productivity. Many of them are compatible with both the Mitel SIP and the Mitel IP (MiNET) platforms.

Mitel Superset Phones

The latest Mitel Superset system telephones are compatible with Mitel Networks SX2000 and Mitel Lightware telephone systems and feature clear LCD displays as well as duplex speakerphone and a host of programmable keys and functions whilst some of the older models in this family will only connect to PBX systems.

All is all Mitel Telephones are very reliable units with a great range of features, what distinguishes them from the crowd is that they are really easy to use, in general after only a few hours it seems as if you've been using one for weeks.

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Further to the above Mitel also manufacture Telephone Systems and Conference Phones such as the Mitel SX50 Telephone System and the Mitel 5310 Conference Unit