Meet the Sennheiser Headset Families

Sennheiser have introduced a way in which to differentiate working styles and, hence, classify to an extent their ranges of business headsets.
These have been called families - the product portfolios being IMPACT, ADAPT and EXPAND.

So let us describe how these terms reflect the way in which people work, the environment in which they work and the type of headset that they could find most suited to their requirements.


The impact range are the top of the range headsets from Sennheiser and are identified by their premium sound, high levels of comfort and top class functionality.

Sennheiser's Impact range are not headsets worn on a whim, they are headsets designed for the headset user. They include the Sennheiser SDW 5000 Series of wireless DECT headsets, the ever popular Sennheiser DW Series, The SC 600 Series and the Bluetooth MB Pro Headsets. These headsets are aimed at "dynamic offices where professionals spend long durations on the phone or for busy work environments where background noise can be an issue."
. They come in a variety of connectivity options including wired and wireless.



As its name suggests the Sennheiser Adapt family of headsets is more aimed at the peripatetic professional. As working practices have changed so many headsets users require freedom of connection, freedom of movement and multi device/ Unified communications access. For this reason Sennheieser have brought out headsets which allow just this versatile approach to the working day.

The Adapt family includes headsets such as the Bluetooth MB660, NB 360 and Presence - which all will be able to connect to multiple devices as well as leverage the power of UC such as Skype for Business; and the SC100 headset range which can be used as both wired ( USB ) connection and 3.5mm.

The Adapt family ( apart from the small Presence headset ) all offer HiFi sound quality for those times between calls or on the road. In their own words : "Ensure flawless business calls and boost your concentration with headsets that offer Active Noise Cancellation and optimized music experiences.". THE ADAPT RANGE


The Expand family is aimed at collaboration and hence is focussed on Sennheiser's range of small conferencing units - speakerphones. These are the SP Series with the wired SP20 and the SP30 with Bluetooth facility. Sennhheiser state : "Simply plug-and-play and experience conference calls with unrivalled clarity, enabling you to participate and engage with the same confidence as being there in person.. The SP Speakerphones are portable and easy to use and can be set up in minutes allowing for full duplex conferencing in small to medium meeting rooms.


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