Manufacturer Focus : Sennheiser

Sennheiser is a name synonymous with high quality audio, modern design and durable build; perhaps more often associated with headphones and musical appreciation equipment the company also carries a sophisticated portfolio of business communication tools such as headsets and speakerphones which provide enterprise level features.

Best4Systems have a long relationship with Sennheiser and is an approved distributor - supplying businesses all over the UK and Europe with top level business solutions.

We look here at Sennheiser's great variety of products.

Call Centre Headsets

Typically call centre workers re what can be described as heavy users - all day on the phone - so headsets have to be comfortable and allow full focus on the conversation in hand. With these criteria in mind Sennheiser produce the SC Series which are lightweight and binaural.
Other features which appear in many of the contact centre recommended headsets are easy disconnect - which allows a wired headset to be disconnected from its lead; HD Voice Clarity - for the supreme sound experience and Noise cancellation - to reduce the ingress of background noise and inline ( on the cable ) controls - so that it is easy to answer, hang up and adjust volume whilst on a call.

Some of the most popular call centre headsets from Sennheiser is the SC range - shown below.

Sennheiser call centre headsets

PC Headsets

Nowadays a headset can be plugged directly into a PC and allow either direct VoIP communications or even accessing a Unified Communications platform like Skype for Business.
Sennheiser create a series of dedicated headsets for just this. These are distinguished by their USB connections. Of course some PC headsets are aimed at the gamer, and some can be used just for listening to music.

Sennheiser call centre headsets

Wireless Headsets

If you need to move around freely and stay connected to do your job well, one of Sennheiser's Wireless/ Cordless headsets will fit the bill for you.
With incredible detail in their design these headsets give freedom at no detriment to form or function.
There are many styles to choose from such as the D10 series which run via DECT and the MB ( aimed at Unified Communications ) series which connect via Bluetooth.
Sennheiser's modern wireless headsets such as the D Series will last well over a day's usage on one charge and incorporate advanced features such as ActiveGard ( prevents against acoustic injury), Noise Cancellation, easy phone conferencing and a choice of wearing styles.

Sennheiser wireless headsets

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets started off as small lightweight and unobtrusive over the ear headsets which were aimed at in car use. Sennheiser still produces these, but their usage has morphed into headsets which can link up to multiple devices simultaneously and provide, hence a connection to Unified Communications - mobile, network and platform.
Building on this interconnectivity we also see premium Bluetooth headsets which can be monaural or binaural enterprise level products for business professionals such as Sennheiser's MB range.
Bluetooth headsets will register easily to a smartphone or tablet and may require the addition of a dongle to connect to some PCs/ computers.

Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets


As well as ranges of headsets for almost any business use Sennheiser manufacture a Speakerphones - these are basically portable compact versions of the familiar meeting room conference phone but built to connect to a variety of mobile phones, tablets and Unified Communications (UC) softphones.
The SP10 and SP20 both deliver crystal duplex conversation for small meeting rooms with several participants whilst the SP220 is a dual portable speakerphone set up capable of running conferencing for larger meetings of up to 12 people.
All of Sennheiser's speakerphones are UC ( Unified Communications ) compatible and certified models are also available for Skype for Business.

Sennheiser Speakerphones


Sennheiser ensure platform and device compatibility buy the association and certification with other leading manufacturers and software providers.
Long-term relationships with leading Unified Communications providers means that one is assured an easy-to-install integrated solution that delivers a smooth and productive user experience.

strategic certifications

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