The Lonely Phone

gleneagles gai tronicsoffices small and large and it always gives us great pleasure to solve our clients' communications conundrums. However, sometimes, we have a deployment which is out of the ordinary and particularly heart warming.

Some of you may have seen our exciting news last year that we had supplied pit lane Peltor Headsets to the crew at the MotoGP which went down very well, the headsets thriving in the busy and hazardous area.

Well, more recently we positioned a piece of telephone equipment in a rather more serene setting.

Up in the hills between Perth and Stirling in Scotland - in Auchterarder to be more precise is the spiritual home of golf. Gleneagles will host the Ryder Cup this year in the last week of September and is a popular golf course year round.

Here in the remote and oft rainy hills of Scotland many people - not just professional golfers - blaze the green trail from hole to hole, following a small ball around and, some may say, ruining a pleasurable walk. Sometimes signal reception or weather conditions may preclude the use of mobile phones there so we have provided state of the art solution on the course.


Best4Systems are an approved Gaitronics Partner and Stockist and have a host of solutions online at Gai-Tronics and we found the perfect solution - a Titan 3 Button phone which will sit on the side of the 10th hole on the Ryder Cup Course and allow golfers and caddies to order from a menu situated right next to it.

The Titan 3 Button Phone is built from a sturdy and weather resistant aluminium frame and is both weather and vandal proof ( frustrated golfers included ) -a s its name suggests the three buttons will not allow calls to friends and family, but just to pre pre programmed numbers - including an operator often and features an inductive coupler for those with hearing aids. The phone is traditionally manufactured in a bright and easy to see yellow colour - though in a place such as a golf course such a lurid colour may be at odds.


GaiTronics manufacture a range of special environment telephones designed for many extreme environments which all have specialised adaptations - they are very popular in work and public places such as hospitals, oil rigs, railways, mining, construction - indeed anywhere where a communications device needs to be protected from the environment and easily used.


For more information on the sumptuous Gleneagles hotel and golf course see here www.gleneagles.com/
and to see our range of Gaitronics phones visit our website at GaiTronics Solutions - naturally should you require any additional information contact us here

Best4Systems would like to wish all those participating all the best in this year's competition.