To an extent there can be seen to be two types of Motorola Licence Free radios, there are the consumer variety – aimed at primarily outdoor pursuits and the business type – designed with additional functionality for the user.
That is not to say that either type can not be used in any environment, rather that they have their own specific advantages.


Today’S Most Successful Companies And Organisations Do One Thing Very Well. They Communicate. Whether It’S People Connecting With People, People Connecting With Machines Or Machines Connecting With Other Machines, Every Process Is Seamless, Which Makes Operations Efficient, Productive And Safe.

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For example the XT600d Series of unlicensed two-way radios offer high functionality digital PMR use. This makes their deployment ideal for businesses which require instant communications with ‘push to talk’.

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The XT600d series also have business utilities such as :

  • FULL KEYPAD – allows text messaging
  • MONITOR – it is possible to remotely monitor the audio from radios
  • MANAGEMENT – lost radios can be remotely disabled
  • DATA – conversations can be recorded and played back
  • GROUPS – calls can be made directly to individuals or to specific call groups

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This makes deployment of the XT600d Series of Radios easy, economical and productive to businesses in many arenas. They are popular in schools, warehouses, events, conferences and many more environments where clear, concise and quick communications are required.