Licence Free Mobile Radios at Charity Event

Personal Mobile Communications
Mobile Radios are a necessity for anyone organinsing a large outdoor event.Last weekend in Brighton there was a large charity beach festival called Paddle Round The Pier which attracted over 50,000 visitors over a large area of Brighton's seafront. The festival had sports events, sea races, dog shows, muscle contests, music, kids stage and more - a diverse range of visitors of all ages were catered for over a large and crowded area.

The event was manned entirely by a crew of unpaid volunteers who get together each year to put it on.

Naturally such an enterprise needs a lot of logistics, there is communication between the land and the water safety teams; there is constant need of maintenance of utilities such as generators, water supplies etc and there is the constant challenge of reuniting separated children with their parents - well the Paddle crew managed this by the use of Personal Mobile Radios/ PMRs - these are also known as licence free two way radios. The team had around 30 of these devices which have an operating range of 2-8km and allow clear lines of communications between team, members. They clip neatly onto the belt and are simple to use. Their batteries last all day and they are easily recharged on a central station overnight.

personal mobile radios

Best4Systems gave key staff training in the use of these and offered the use of models from Kenwood, Motorola and Icom, som e of the Icom models such as the Icom IC-F29SR Licence Free Radio offer additional security options such as voice scrambling across channels and optional additional battery packs.

Licence Free Radios work on the PMR446 (Private Mobile Radio, 446 MHz) frequency which is a clear range dedicated to business and personal use in most countries of the European Union.

The event was a success, raising many thousands of pounds for charity ( final figure not yet realeased ) and Best4Systems were pleased to lend some expertise in the communications arena.