Konftel, already a manufacturer of some of the nest conferencing products for business have added video conferencing to new and existing models. This is achieved by virtue of the Konftel Cam20 4K USB Camera or the Konftel Cam50 which is suitable for larger video conferences with 12x optical zoom. This connects to existing conferencing units in the Konftel range via USB ( plug and play ). The Cam20 adds on 4k Ultra HD Video with a 105° field of view via USB 3.0 to your device. This allow you to either take advantage of a very versatile new video conferencing phone or add on video collaboration functionality to your existing Konftel audio conferencing solution.


KONFTEL C20EGOThe Konftel C20Ego is the perfect combination of portable conference phone but with additional video conferencing added in. The product comprises the original Konftel Ego as well as the Konftel OCC Hub and Cam20 4k Camera. Sound is exemplary, especially in such a compact portable device. The conference unit delivers a duplex sound with HD Wideband audio and OmniSound technology andthe camera coders a 105° angle with 4k video quality.


KONFTEL C2055The C2055 from Konftel can support a video (and audio) conference in a medium sized meeting room ( up to 12 participants ) .
It consists of a Konftel 55 Speakerphone and is bundled with a Konftel Cam20 and OCC Hub. The camera supports broadcast of up to 4k with a 150 ° range of pick up.
The Konftel 55’s colour touchscreen display makes using this video conferencing unit easy.


KONFTEL C5055WXThe Konftel C5055Wx initially can be seen as a video conferencing solution for medium sized meeting rooms but also can be expanded with additional microphones to server a meeting of up to 20 people.
HD Wideband Audio anbd OmniSound provide duplex conferencing whilst the HD PTZ Camera gives 60 frames per second at 1080p with a 72° field of vision.
Bluetooth and NFC allow further connectivity options.

Konftel C50300Wx

Konftel C50300WxUtilising the Konftel 300Wx as its base station the C50300WX is a hybrid SIP video conferencing unit which is aimed at the medium sized meeting room ( though is expandable to up to 20 with extension mics ).
product is SIP Verified -( ShoreTel, Swyx, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Unify )and can operate both via its colloboration app and the usual telephone line.
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Konftel C50300IPx

Konftel C50300IPxKonftel C50300IPx is a SIP verified Video conference phone that utilises the Konftel 300IPx Conference Phone, Konftel Cam50 4k Camera, and the Konftel OCC Hub. The C50300IPx offers USB and SIP connectivity.
D/ 4K camera offers up to 12x optical zoom with auto focus and can cover a range or 60° vertically and 72.5° horizontally – proffering a focussed and clear video feed for your meeting.
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Konftel C50300Mx

Konftel C50300MxTHis Konftel Hybrid SIP conference phone supplies all you need for a medium business video conference in one kit that requires but a single USB for connection.
The kit comprises a Konftel 300Mx audio unit along with the Konftel Cam50 4k camera and the Konftel OCC hub.
The unit is distinctive in that it can be used in conjunction with a 3/4/5G SIM card. As with all the video/ audio conferencing solutions from Konftel you can be assured the highest levels of audiovisual transmission at all times.
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