Keeping Our Spirits Up During Lockdown

Food can keep us connected
Well, we just thought that we could do with a bit of colour on our blog, and in our lives….

Whilst the office has been manned by a skeleton crew since the onset of the lockdown, properly segregated and distanced; the staff have not seen a lot of each other apart from during our regular GoToMeeting/ Microsoft Teams catch ups.
We communicate and we work but we miss the laughs that office life brings to us regularly.
A team of workers becomes a family of sorts in its own right with help, support, banter and some level of gentle ribbing as well…naturally.

So, with nearly all of us having faced our tasks of constructing cozy and semi professional home offices and having adapted to some extent to working from home, someone suggested that we lunch together, in spirit, if not in physical reality.

Everyone in the office was tasked with creating a meal for less than ten pounds to share over video link with each other.

So, these are some of the creations that the Best4Systems crew came up with :

The Classy

Martin : looks after himself
Tom : tasty as ever
Luke : healthy and neat

The Creative

Steve : a ray of sunshine
Matt : priorities right !
Emma : customary pose

The Concerning

Nick : This just made us all sad.
Angela : We do not condone any of this.
Dan : How many of you are there?

Dale emerged as the winner, due not only to his culinary prowess, but also down to his creativity.


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