The JABRA SPEAK 810 is a new addition to the Jabra family. It builds on the success and style of the previous speakerphones – the Jabra Speak 410 and 510 models. These were small, portable desktop speakerphones whereas the 810, though calling itself a speakerphone has all the features of a fully fledged conference phone.

OK, the first thing we noticed about this is its design, in a marked departure from the ubiquitous triangulated conference phones from other manufacturers, Jabra have gone down a sleek and unobtrusive route with more of a panini type profile which we found very pleasing as some conference phones become the focus of attention by virtue of their build.


We always appreciate any technological advancement and the Jabra 810 has not disappointed us there. It introduces a fascinating concept in its ZoomTalk™ function whereby, nuch like a camera lens focussing on its subject, the microphones in the Jabra 810 actively focus upon a speaker and cut out background noise – concentrating/ focussing on the matter in hand.

The 810 packs a great sound as well, with the incorporation of DSP ( Digital Signal Processing ), Wideband Audio and HD Sound

Jabra 810 Features

  • Bluetooth Class 1 – for connection to tablets, headsets or mobile phones
  • 3.5mm headset jack – to connect privately
  • Standard Compatibility with VoIP and Unified Communications
  • USB Out charging port – you can never have enough of these


Jabra SPEAK 810 Video

Jabra Speak 810 Manual

Jabra Speak 810 Manual

View the Jabra Speak 810 here – feel to call us on 0844 824 6664 for more information