Jabra Headsets for All

jabra-innovationsJabra was formed from the company GN Store Nord - a company with almost a century and a half's experience in delivering high end communications. Upon this solid foundation of technical expertise Jabra has built a portfolio of ever improving and ever improvising headsets and speaker phones for call / contact centers, mobile and business environments. As Jabra, the reputation of GN Netcom has been taken to new levels and they are considered as a top manufacturer in headsets in terms of design, features and functionality.

This award winning company designs and manufactures headsets for a range of environments :


Jabra Contact Centre Headsets

These headsets for the environment also referred to as call centre headsets need to be able to work in a hard wearing workplace where they are in almost constant use. A primary concern for these headsets is comfort as the operator may well have to wear the headset all day. A high level of noise cancellation is necessary for busy areas also to prevent both background noise disturbing the operator or noises being transmitted and being detrimental to the clarity of the conversation. The most popular models in this range are possible the Jabra Biz 2400 - a binaural headset with multiple connectivity options which, in their own words do this : "Talking on the phone for many hours a day can be hard for your ears. The Biz 2400 emphasize comfort, state-of-the-art audio and durability." as well as the Jabra Pro series which are cordless headsets for those who have the enviable freedom to move away from their desks during their working day - these, like the Biz Series have multiple connection options - working with all major telephones, telephone systems and Unified Communications platforms.


Jabra Office Headsets

In the office Jabra offer a wide range of sleekly designed and pleasing to behold headsets with a good choice of wearing styles. Some busy executives may want a binaural headset to fully concentrate upon their conversations whereas a more casual telephone user may opt for a single ear headset which allows a quick conference with colleagues. Moreover a good office headset will increase staff satisfaction and productivity.

Jabra Mobile Headsets for Work

More and more workers these days spend their business life in multiple locations and need to be able to adapt to multiple communications devices with their headsets. Jabra also make a point of emphasizing the necessity for some personal space as well and this is exemplified in their Evolve series which are designed to create a concentration zone for the user - allowing not just connection to the corporate network, but access to your entire connection of mp3s via a 3.5mm jack - great for the busy worker who wants to take a break or just relax on the commute.


Jabra VoIP / Unified Comms Headsets

Unified Communications platforms such as Microsoft Lync and others deliver a holistic and seamless experience for users and a headset needs to be able to both handle the audio in a comfortable manner and integrate with various IP services over a variety of media. These are plug and play with most accredited systems and "have a full selection of audio endpoints optimised for use with Microsoft Lync and Office Communicator.


Jabra, from being "just another headset manufacturer" have emerged of late as very much a leading provider of top of the range headsets which are also reasonably priced. They deliver all that a worker, in any situation, could want from a headset - great sound, ease of deployment, intuitive to use, comfortable and durable. On top of that they have combined good sense with innovation and solid, classic design which really make them a joy to use.

A full selection of Jabra Headsets are available online here