Jabra Engage and Evolve Overview

A good business headset is more and more crucial for your working day with many variations in form and function. Jabra design and manufacture some of the most popular ranges of business headsets and, here we have a look at the primary ranges, the Evolve and the Engage, and some of their constituent models in order to see how they are differentiated.

jabra evolve


freedom and comfort
Jabra’s Evolve Series have been created for the new, more mobile era and more connected communications environment. They have been designed for the Unified Communications or ‘on the go’ worker.

The modern knowledge worker is evolving. And with UC on the rise and the need for mobility increasing every year, professionals are looking for solutions which allow them to work in the way that suits them best.

Hence, the Evolve headsets are versatile devices, with comfortable ear cushions and the facility to connect to multiple devices or platforms simultaneously. Headset models in this range include the following : The Binaural Jabra Evolve 80 which sports large over the ear leatherette cups and HiFi music listening capability. It connects via USB or 3.5mm. Another very popular headset in this range is the Jabra Evolve 65 which is available in either Monaural or binaural versions and can connect via USB and Bluetooth.


jabra engage


engage with your customers
The Engage series are predominantly aimed at customer service professionals and executive power users – call centers or busy office deployment. Those who speak on the phone often and at length. The wireless models in the Engage series have been specifically designed to bring greater security and to allow a greater density of deployment than previous models.

Jabra Engage professional wireless headsets are engineered specifically for people who talk to customers throughout the day and enable them to deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction by offering superior call quality, office mobility and features to drive productivity.

The Jabra Engage 65 is a prime example of a high powered wireless DECT headset which will connect to both deskphone and PC ( UC ), it has intuitive one touch controls and a lightweight design meaning that it can be worn for prolonged periods. The Jabra Engage 50 on the other hand is a lightweight wired headset that connects via micro USB and RJ9 to allow deskphone/ softphone and unified communications connection, multi colour LED status indicators on the ear cup shows when you’re engaged on call.

engage headsets

If you want to compare models in either range then here are quick reference matrices :
Compare the Jabra Evolve Series of Headsets
Compare the Jabra Engage Series of Headsets

In summary – the two lines ( Engage and Evolve ) both offer outstanding sound quality and comfort, with the Engage headsets being aimed at the deskbound / call center worker who will primarily use headset for conversation in a static position whereas the Evolve range are more for Unified Communications ( Microsoft Teams ) adoption , offering comfort, connectivity and versatility.