Jabra and Remote Education Solutions

Jabra make some of the most beautiful, ergonomically pleasing headsets available today. They have been designed for communications first. Secondly they have been designed for the modern office; an office which can move, which adapts to a multitude of platforms, devices and scenarios. This quality has made the Jabra portfolio ideally placed in the current situation to serve the varying needs of remote workers, home workers and those involved with remote study.

Here, in the UK, it appears that schools will not be reopening for another two months. Schools, Colleges and Universities have been forced into delivering lessons via online classes. The logistics involved have forced a rapid adoption of technology to streamline this process – at both ends.

Primarily, if we are to analyse the scenario, the set up is all about the sharing of data – ( voice, video and images ) and this needs to be done in the least intrusive of ways. Both student and teacher need to be able to speak, hear, view, be seen and understand as comfortably as possible. They need to be inconvenienced as little as possible by this ( rather annoying ) new normal.

Moreover a seamless and rich audio and video experience can dispel the ‘remoteness’ and bring teacher and student closer together.


44% of Students say that bad audio is affecting their learning

Educators spend 4 hours a day in remote lectures online

There are many solutions that a teacher may find enhances their delivery of remote lessons : webcam and speakerphone, ear buds and laptop or headset and webcam.


The Jabra Panacast Webcam
Jabra PanaCast uses three 13-megapixel cameras to create a full, 180° view of the classroom – from wall to wall – freeing teachers from their desks and allowing them to make full use of the space and all their usual teaching aids, including the whiteboard.


The Jabra Speak 750
When being in school every day isn’t an option, teachers need to know that they can rely on their tech to give them the freedom to teach from absolutely anywhere. With the Jabra Speak Series of compact speakerphones, portability is built in.


the world-leading professional-grade call quality and noise cancelling microphones in our Evolve Series, students won’t miss out on the things that matter, even when they can’t be there in person. Jabra lets you reinvent the classroom and engage the class.

Plug-and-play & perfectly portable

All of these devices work right out of the box, for instant collaboration anywhere – making them perfect for even the least tech-savvy. And for maximum flexibility, they’re also extremely portable. Just unplug, move, plug in, and go.

Jabra Solutions for education can make remote teaching ( and learning ) more fun, removing the blocks that a lack of technology can bring, it will decrease stress for the teacher and improve concentration amongst the students. All the Jabra products will work easily and immediately with all major platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams.

More Information?

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