yealink-t46gCommunication and Trading (CAT) approached Avalle4Business to help them consolidate their telephony requirements. Originally operating across two sites, with administration in the Brighton site and operations and logistics in the Newhaven site. CAT realised they could improve productivity and profitability by relocating the Brighton offices into Newhaven site which had both digital and fibre broadband in place.

There were many aspects involved in moving the Brighton team across and a critical element was in ensuring a seamless transition with their telephony service.

As CAT had a Cloud telephony solution from Avalle4Business at its Brighton offices they knew it would be easy to relocate the telephony as Avalle4Business is delivered across their Internet so all that was needed was to unplug and re-plug their phones into their new office space, no down time no issues.

With everyone now located at the same site, they were still operating a traditional phone system on digital lines for the majority of staff, with the administration team operating over Avalle4Business. As a result it wasn’t possible to transfer calls between colleagues which was impacting on the customer experience and their operational efficiency.


To drive productivity and lower costs CAT understood they could migrate their traditional telephony service across onto the Avalle4Business service. In doing so they could cancel their expensive ISDN lines, enabling seamless communication internally and dramatically improve control through Avalle4Business’s intuitive web portal.

Merging into one large site there were three key challenges, how to improve communications between the workshop areas and administration team, how to improve the customer caller experience and how to increase productivity.

Avalle4Business addressed these requirements by creating new user across the site, replacing the traditional handsets with 12 new IP phones, so every member of staff could communicate with each other, including using cordless handsets. A4B also set up specific hunt groups and overflow groups to improve the inbound calls handling capability and provided full administrative access to CAT so they could be in-charge of their own changes, instantly without having to request expensive engineer visits.

The solution installation was co-ordinated so the new phones were ready to plug and play when the numbers porting across and the team was operational on the day required.

The terminals used in the office were the Yealink T46G Desktop phones

If you are interested in a IP solution for your business then feel fee to contact at Avalle4Business by email or during office hours on 08000 129921

Many thanks to CAT for allowing us to mention them here.