Industry Specific PAPR Bundles – Versaflo

3M Versaflo produce such a large range of powered air respiratory protection products that is can be confusing to select the right apparatus for your workplace safety.

We have teamed up with 3M to put together some PAPR bundles aimed at very specific workplace hazards, so whether you are working in healthcare, spraying paint or potentially exposed to particulates or vapours, 3M have the solution.

Of course, if you have any questions, fee free to get in touch with the team here – we are 3M Official Distributors and we are always happy to put our experience to good use.

3M Versaflo Healthcare Bundle

Aimed at providing suitable respiratory protection for anyone working in the healthcare sector – this Versaflo bundle gives a P3 Particulate protection as well as filtration of undesirable organic odours.

3M Versaflo Ultimate PAPR Bundle

Offering the highest level of personal respiratory protection available with protection against : organic gases and vapours with boiling points > 65°C, inorganic and acid gases, ammonia, mercury vapour and fine particulates. Backed up by full head protection in the form of the helmet.

Respiratory Protection from Water Based Spray

Anyone painting with water based paint sprays will understand the need to protect oneself from organic gases and vapours as well as fine particulates caused by spraying paint. The included hood protects skin and clothes.

Multi User PAPR Bundle Respiratory Protection

For reasons of hygiene the Versaflo Team bundle is perfect for a group who require respiratory protection – but not simultaneously so that each team member has their own hood which can connect to the Versaflo TR-315.

3M Versaflo Air Fed Bundle

Sometimes filtration is just not enough and supplied air will be the only solution – providing fresh air from either a compressed air tank, or, air compressor guarantees respiratory protection in any environment.

Respiratory Protection from Powder Based Spray

For anyone painting with powder based spray this 3M Versaflo bundle will offer protection from fine particulates and nuisance & organic vapours. The hood captures spray and an internal film barrier aids prevention of paint contact with skin or clothes.

Wearing a respirator, whether by choice or because of the requirements of your job, is about protection. There are also other considerations that go into choosing what type of respirator you end up using. Protection, fit, comfort, quality and durability – these are all key criteria that should be considered. Whether you are an expert in making these decisions or are newer to choosing respiratory protection equipment, you want peace of mind that you are making the right choice for your workplace.