Many people suffer from stress, aches and pains from work related that could easily resolve it with the health benefits of using wireless headsets!

Top 3 health benefits of using wireless headsets

1. Better posture = less pain

Typically people use the telephone several times throughout the day and for those working in high volume call centres much more. Posture is very important while working and telephone handset receivers do not allow us to have good posture throughout the day creating minor neck and back pains.

2. Better productivity = less stress

A wireless telephone headset not only practices safer ergonomics but also relieves work related stress by increasing your productivity to more than double.

3. Opportunity to move = lower health risk

Sitting down all day is killing you. Wireless headsets in the office create mobility with roaming ranges over 400 feet. Hands free headsets allow you to talk on the phone while continuing basic tasks while in the office. Opportunity to move round lowers the health risk. Don’t worry about professionalism when walking into the break room as built in noise canceling technology blocks out most unwanted background noise, so the caller won’t even know you grabbed a coffee while on the call.

Some worry that there is radiation dispersed from the wireless telephone headset that could be harmful to the body and even worse cause cancer. The fact of the matter is wireless headsets frequency is so low it has been proven to be safe. Wireless headsets using DECT 6.0 technology actually use less frequency than a Bluetooth headset making it 100% safe. Doctors and scientists throughout the world have deemed wireless headsets safe for consumers and there have not been any links to cancer. This being said a wireless telephone headset adds mobility while in the office, hands free roaming and is proven to be completely safe to the human body.

Source: “Health benefits of using wireless headsets”. 4th April 2012.