The Polycom VVX Telephones are enterprise business desktop IP Phones with a host of functions and intuitive user menus operated by a variety of on-board buttons and dials.
Naturally there is a lot of operation involved with using one of these in a busy business environment.
Often though one may just wish to talk on the phone and in these instances a headset can really increase productivity and allow the hands free to do other work.


Nearly all the Polycom VVX Phones come with an integral RJ9 socket. This socket is the most prevalent and generic headset connection option. Suitable headsets then, for the Polycom VVX can be selected from some of the following :



Avalle’s headsets are UK designed and a corded headsets with connectivity options. If you want to connect an Avalle headset to your Polycom VVX phone you will need to choose a non USB version such as the Avalle Defero 1 or 2 ( dependent upon whether you require one or two earpieces – or the Avalle Verso – which offers the option of switching between monaural and binaural wearing styles.

The Avalle Headsets can be found here : Avalle – most are sold without a connection lead so if purchasing the QD ( Quick Disconnect ) option we would suggest the addition of a standard lead.

Many other manufacturers, of course such as Sennheiser, Jabra and Plantronics offer headsets which can be connected to a lead which terminates in an RJ9.


Some of the more recent Polycom phones are EHS ( Electronic Hook Switch ) compatible meaning that they can be connected to a wireless headset which will electronically pay the role of a handset being picked up. In this way it is possible to enjoy the freedom that a cordless headset gives and be able to get up from your desk whilst on a long call.


Models such as the Sennheiser D10 with a Sennheiser CEHS-PO 01 EHS cable or indeed a combination of the Plantronics CS540 DECT Heasdset with a Plantronics APP-51 Electronic Hook Switch or a Jabra Pro headsets in combination with a Jabra 14201 EHS Adaptor.

Naturally the sheer variety of options can be confusing so if you require further information about which headset to connect to your Polycom VVX Phone contact us via the form here or call us on 0844 824 6664 and we will be happy to help.


The Polycom VVX 600 Series Phones re Bluetooth Enabled, which means that they can be connected to any Bluetooth Headset ( many options here ). It is also possible to pair the VVX 600 Series with a mobile phone and, hence receive call on them.