A Guide to Telephone Headsets

Headsets for Office or Call Centre

telephone headsets

Sort of a Headsets Guide

Anyone who has to work in an office and has to make frequent use of the phone will understand the necessity for a good telephone headset. For some these will used sparingly, but for someone in a busy call centre with a keyboard and mouse to deal with a comfortable and functional headset is imperative.

Best4Systems stock a range of headsets from leading manufacturers such as Jabra ( formerly GN Netcom ), Sennheiser, Plantronics and Avalle.

Headsets come in many variations which can be summarised below:

1:- Fitting - there are several ways in which a telephone headset can be configured to fit the wearer : Over the Head, Over The Ear and, less commonly Behind the Neck - these are really down to personal preference.

2: - Binaural or Monaural? Dependent upon the amount of background noise in an office or call center you may wish to completely exclude other sounds in which case a binaural ( both ears ) version would be recommended - for quieter, less busy offices a monaural ( just the one ear ) may do the job. Incidentally Van Gogh preferred this option.

3: - Connectivity - . Naturally there is a proliferation of telephone systems and telephone terminals, many of which will require a different connection lead; typically headsets will make use of a USB connection or a RJ11 to connect to these. For non direct connections some headsets may communicate via DECT, Bluetooth™ or WiFi.

4: - Corded or Cordless? Well this is also down in part to personal preference or maybe driven by the limitations of your telephone system or connectivity options, some people like to pace around their office whilst engaged in a phone call, whereas some people are tethered to their desks and such there is no need for the cordless headset. Nowadays technology is such that there is little loss ( if any ) in sound quality with most cordless headsets and battery lives are adequate for a good working day.

5: - Microphones - There are many differing types of microphone available for a headset wearer; these include boom mics, voicetubes, omnidirectional, and noise cancelling and are headset dependent often rather than a choice.

6: - Features finally there are a host of additional features and enhancements which may be considered when buying a headsets such as Wideband, which is for headsets with a large acoustic range; Noise Cancelling , which reduces background noise; touchscreeens, well everything these days comes with a touchscreen so why not?; Handset Lifter, which physically lifts a telephone handset up in order to answer the call and acoustic shock protection to protect the ears from sudden bursts of noise.

In all there is a massive range of headsets here : https://www.best4systems.co.uk/telephone-headsets from a variety of manufacturers as well as information regarding their usage. Best4Systems stock both new and refurbished headsets.
If you are thinking about placing an order you can do so online or feel free to call one of your dedicated customer services team on 0844 824 6664.