Green Giveaway

Here at Best4Systems we have always been concerned about the environmental impact of our work and practices.
We have always vetted our suppliers for corporate responsibility in these areas and are conscious on every level of all working processes and their potential implications to the balance of the planet.
We do understand that there is nothing quite so dispiriting as hearing someone listing their virtues so I will get to the point on some real matters and how we are making a difference.

Buy Back and Refurbishment

As large amounts of telecoms products end up as obsolete to their owners and by their very nature are not economical to repurpose.
We take great pleasure in buying back phones, headsets, conferencing equipment and entire phone systems from companies who have no further use of them.
The alternative is often disposal of this equipment as waste. Naturally any disposal of anything is negative in its effect on the environment and especially any product which is still fully functional.
Our process after buying such equipment then moves on to sortation and testing. All products are fully tested, hygienically cleaned and have any disposable parts such as cables or cards replaced. These 'renewed' products provide many benefits to the telecoms ecosystem.:

  • Less Waste - renewal of products leads to less granulisation of plastics
  • Refurbished Products - allows a more economical entry into the market for many businesses
  • Second User - a telecoms product going to second or third user cuts out the manufacturing and transport of new products
  • Upgrades - allows business to buy refurbished versions of products that they possibly would not have budgeted for
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions - all the way along the process and at each step there is a saving in wasted energy

free water bottle

Apart from these, behind the scenes we have identified that there are single use plastics we use ourselves during the working day so we installed a water cooler and have had BPA free recycled plastic water bottles for all staff members. This has dramatically reduced this type of waste internally and reduced our actual volume of refuse.

These water bottles have been so popular that we are running a giveaway up to Christmas this year ( 2019 ) and will be bundling a free bottle along with every order over £200 just to spread the love