For all lovers of anything vintage mixed with a healthy dose of petrol head, Goodwood Revival is an event in the calendars which is never forgotten. For those a little less informed of what the Goodwood Revival is, here is an idea.

Goodwood Revival is a three day event started in 1998 involving the racing of classic cars and motorbikes having competed between 1948 & 1966, the years that Goodwood was a working motor racing circuit. The revival recreates the atmosphere of the 50s and 60s not only by drawing in lovers of racing from that era, but having everyone dress up in period clothing and setting scenes through-out the grounds as a celebration of that magical era of racing, aviation, fashion and music.

One could go continue for hours. It really is an amazing experience. What someone from the telecommunications industry can’t help to notice is the “inconsistencies” dotted around the scenery. I’m not talking about the digital watches on show or the obvious use of “non authentic” mobile phones! They are a part and parcel of daily life these days. Slightly less prevalent, but still very visible, is the use of Peltor ear defenders and radios.

Born from the dreaded health and safety, race team drivers and mechanics are equipped with either ear plugs or Peltor ear defenders. These minimise the harmful effects of the loud noises from the racing car engines. Trust me; these engines are not for the faint hearted! Many things have changed over the years, but a high performance engine is still as loud today as it’s always been. It’s safe to say that most veterans of that era would have been happy to be seen with a Peltor high attenuation headset.

These ear defenders also have in built radio communication. Engineers and team members require these as a basic tool when working around a race car or even working around the track side. These are usually push to talk for communication, but can also be just for receiving instructions or updates.

I suppose any petrol head worth his soul will not find this a surprise. Anyone watching F1 will be familiar with seeing engineers and team principals with some brightly coloured headgear covering their ears. They can often be seen standing in the pit lane, talking to a colleague, while a race car roars past.

What might be more surprising is seeing them prevalent in the crowd. These have moved away from the technical areas over to the end user. Every year we get more and more new customers looking to protect themselves from loud noises. This can be the roar of an engine, a firework or a gun shot. Many of the children were wearing a Peltor Kids Ear Defender. Easily recognised in either its neon pink or neon green colour. Many children enjoy watching the fast cars and motorbikes, but find the sounds of them far too loud. This can often ruin the fun of the weekend for everyone involved. These ear defenders are the perfect way to avoid these loud noises and keep little ears protected.

Radios are also a key feature of the weekend here, as everyone who purchases a program gets a free radio to listen to the commentary. Although not as important as when working by the pit lane, this comes in particularly handy when walking away from the track. This is common when enjoying the many sites and shows around the far sides of the track where the speakers are not always in ear shot!

Goodwood Revival is an amazing weekend, with guaranteed fun for anyone who enjoys motor racing. Both in its modern format or in its classic form. One thing you would probably change from the past if you could is protecting your sensitive ears from all those roaring engines. With that in mind, don’t forget you ear defenders!