Going Green and Italian

Planting Trees with Every Bite

It may seem an odd way of doing things, but we always find that food unites us in the office. So when we discussed raising some money in order to plant trees and, hence, make a positive contribution to the environment we quickly decided on a food based enterprise.

This all started when we decided to add another arrow to our green quiver. We discovered a way in which we could not only contribute to the planting of trees by donations but also to integrate the concept so that for every order placed online we would automatically pay for a tree to be planted. Certainly a good thing.

Under current conditions we do not have a full workforce in situ as many are working from home but those that were in the office did well and those at home looked on adoringly at the food and made online contributions to our ever growing tree collection.

We are very happy that we have made, however small, a positive change in enabling and supporting the planting of trees in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua – one day they will be forests.



Best4Systems will be offsetting the carbon footprint for new product purchases by planting trees. To date we have planted 1000 trees as part of our partnership with Ecologi.com. Having quality products to assist how you communicate is critical to businesses competitive edge, and in purchasing from Best4Systems you can feel you are doing your bit as we plant trees for every new order.


We are increasing our range of GRADE A refurbished products, from phones through to headsets. Our skilled inhouse refurbishment team are constantly providing GRADE A products, fully tested, fully cleaned, with little or no signs of previous use. This gives consumers choice and reduces landfill!


A good time was had by all and some quite inventive and quite delicious food was prepared and eaten.

We have not, as yet, fully completed the count up of moneys raised, but the company has stepped in also to double what we have amassed through out Italian meal.


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