GAI-Tronics specialise in a range of solutions for industrial and emergency communications. They are a subdivision of Hubbell Limited and produce a range of devices designed and manufactured to the highest standards with special features for differing scenarios.

The communications supply industry covers many sectors – everyone pictures someone sitting in an office or call centre with a headset and telephone, but, of course, people in all areas of professional endeavour need to communicate, and this may be of more than just information disperal, in some industries it may be under emergency conditions and a matter of life or death.

The main industrial sectors covered are : Oil and Gas; Mining and Tunneling; Industrial and Utilities; Commercial and Transport – Road and Rail.

It would be more than the scope of our blog to go into detail into all the areas that GAI-Tronics so we will look at a few examples of special environment telephony in this article and urge you to look at the GAI-Tronics website for more information.

Rail and Transport

Both the road and rail networks provide ample necessity for both emergency and ruggedised (resistant to weather, contamination and vandals) telephones – these may be in the format of the Titan For Rail which is Network Rail Certified and used for level crossing applications or Public Access Help Point Telephones which are built to full accessibility standards with induction coil for hearing loops as well as braille for the sight impaired.
These special environment telephones are generally a disinctive yellow colour, though other colours are available.

Some GAI-Tronics Telephones

GAI-Tronics Titan ATEX GAI-Tronics Help Point GAI-Tronics ATEX Auteldac GAI-Tronics Commander
GAI-Tronics Titan ATEX Telephone GAI-Tronics Help Point Telephone GAI-Tronics ATEX Auteldac GAI-Tronics Commander Autodial

Oil & Gas

Again these are the sort of items that one does not come across every day – for example there is a specific intercom for Drillers; high end Titan and Commander Telephones which are glazed in glass filled polyester to withstand corrosion and be eaily operated whilst wearing gloves – these can also be used with acoustic hoods to give some insulation from direct and loud sound.


in its own words: “GAI-Tronics has a range of analogue and SIP telephones designed for arduous environments. These include a range of ATEX telecoms devices with easy access, tamper and vandal proof builds, weather and dust resistance as well as a host of additional features designed to maximise efficiency whilst ensuring both safety and reliability in a host of conditions.

Mining and Tunneling

These areas need the most ruggedised and sturdy equipment which must operate in extreme environments and provide essential safety lines of communication for workers – GAI-Tronics, on top of its usual offerings manufacture a range specialised for Mine Communications.