gai-tronics special environment telephonesWhen you are installing public facing telephones here are a few additional factors that need to be taken into account in comparison to your usual telecoms deployment.

Telephones that are to be used ‘in the field’ need to be rugged – in other words they will need to be able to withstand the weather, the cold and the rain and the hot sun. They will also need to be able to be resistant to wilful damage or vandalism. In addition to these protective measures the telephones should be easy to operate and reliable.

With these pre-requisites in mind Gai-Tronics ( a division of Hubbell Limited ) have created an entire range of telephones, perfectly designed for use in public facing areas, both internal and external – here we look at a few of their best selling models and see what features they have incorporated in order to make them best for for use.

Gai-Tronics Commander

Gai-Tronics CommanderThe Gai-Tronics Commander is a basic special environment telephone which is robust and weather resistant to IP65 which comes with a variety of options, being built with a glass filled polyester body which is highly durable.
These come in 1, 3 or full keypad varieties which would be used in varying instances such as a one button for connection to an emergency number or information service; a three button which also has limited ‘press to call’ options and a full keypad for outgoing calls.
The SIP version will connect to a VoIP network whilst the basic version will connect to generic PBX or PSTN lines. There is also the Gai-Tronics Commander CB which can only answer or make a call by being picked up and a fully waterproof plastic bodied version.
The Gai-Tronics Commander series can be viewed here

Gai-Tronics Titan

Gai-Tronics TitanThe Gai-Tronics Titan telephones have an added ruggedness in then in terms of dealing with harsh environments with an aluminium body, watertight glands and a steel cord.
These phones also have a lockable cover shielding the entire apparatus from vandalism or water ingress.
They are ideal,and often installed as public service devices in police stations, sports grounds, prisons and car parks. The Titan has an IP66 rating and can be ordered in a range of colours and button numbers dependent upon the situation.
The Gai-Tronics Titan series can be viewed here

Gai-Tronics Auteldac

/>Gai-Tronics Auteldac” width=”140″ height=”140″ align=”right” src=””/></a>The Gai-Tronics Auteldac Telephones are ATEX ready, meaning that they have been designed to operate under hazardous conditions such as oil and gas platforms. <br />It is fully resistant against rust and corrosion and is built with a view to minimising the chance of spark emission. <br />It also is fitted with an inductive coupler to prevent inerference with hearing aids and can be ordered with a headphone socket for use in noisy environments. Like other models by Gai-Tronics the Auteldac is available in a choice of button configurations.  <br />
<a href=The Gai-Tronics Auteldac series can be viewed here

Gai-Tronics Public Access Help Point

Gai-Tronics Public AccessThe Gai-Tronics Public Access help Point products are, as one would expect, rugged and weather proof and easy to operate. They, rather than having a handset work via handsfree speaker and can be configured in 1-3 button set ups.
These are popular access points for many public spaces where access to either emergency help or information are required.
Additional versions are available with ease of access/ inclusion features incorporated such as braille and induction loops or SIP connectivity.
The Gai-Tronics Gai-Tronics Help Point series can be viewed here

Gai-Tronics Sterile & Hands Free

Gai-Tronics SterileThe Sterile and Handsfee telephones from Gai-Tronics are designed for use where hygiene is of the essence.
Its buttons are designed for use with gloved hands and the surface itself is specially created to allow for both easy cleansing and to be chemically resistant.
It is available in either surface mounted or flush versions and in either analog or SIP/ VoIP and Skype for Business versions
The Gai-Tronics Sterile & Hands Free series can be viewed here

Best4Systems have been a major supplier of Gai Tronics equipment for over 15 years, not only within the UK but throughout the globe. We are proud to be an official partner and distributor of Gai Tronics and we can assure you of the best technical advice and service levels at all times. Contact one of our sales advisers for further information