call centre headsetSetting up or expanding your contact centre will require in depth planning taking up precious operational time. This quick guide for the correct solution will hopefully cut that time and aid you in making the right decision.

The Office Environment

– How noisy is your office? Is the office open plan? The design of your office and the volume of your agents will have an effect on the call quality and the experience for your customers. Noise Cancelling Technology is available with most headset manufacturers and is a must if you have agents working in close proximity. The other significant element to consider is if you should choose a monaural or binaural headset. If your agents have a lot of interaction while on a call monaural headsets might be the better choice – but – if your agents need to focus solely on the customer a binaural headset would be the perfect fit. Not only will the agent be about to focus their attention on the customer it will also bring the natural office volume down and there is no longer the need to shout over one another.

The Comfort of the headset

call centre life– The contact centre agents can spend long shifts of up to 12 hours engaged with your customers on the phone. Consideration needs to be taken on the suitable fit and comfort of the headset. While maintaining consistency of which manufacturer you use consider over the head, over the ear or neck a neck band headset. Simply by changing the foam ear cushion for leatherette can hugely improve the comfort or the agent and in turn increase productivity.

The Agent Experience

– They key is to keep it simple. It is very easy to complicate the systems you use especially with UC telephony. The agents may be intimated by their equipment and not work to their full potential. Where possible keep cabling and switches to a minimum.

The Agent’s Role

– depending on nature of your business or the style of your office the agents may need to get up from their desk and carryout multiple tasks while communicating with the customer – If this is the case then I would strongly recommend using wireless headsets. The DECT Technology in today’s wireless solutions is almost flawless allowing for excellent quality of communication without interference. The initial investment in wireless solutions is inevitability greater but the freedom it allows the agent is priceless.

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