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Find the Perfect Headset
We all work in different ways – some people are desk-bound for the majority of their working day whilst some move around their offices. Workers also move from location to location, needing to adapt to their environments. Sennheiser have ranges of headsets and conferencing units designed to fit in with your specific requirements.


The IMPACT products are designed and crafted with superior materials that filter out unwanted noise, clarify speech and are fully compatible with all your devices and systems. So you get perfect communication, every single time.


The ADAPT range is designed for the approx 25 percent of all professionals who spend more than half of their day away from their desk. Whether in the office, open workspaces, at home or on the go, we offer best-in-class audio quality that can adapt to any situation.


The EXPAND range is designed for large meeting rooms, smaller huddle spaces or simply on-the-go meetings – portable and versatile conference phones/ speakerphones