Headsets and Speakerphones for Remote Learning

EPOS Audio create a multitude of headsets and speakerphones in the ADAPT, IMPACT and EXPAND ranges. Because of recent global events ( namely the Corona Virus – COVID – Pandemic ) many of these products have come to be adopted by people looking to change their communications habits. Many workers have been forced to work remotely or from home offices and now many students and teachers have been forced to adapt their learning and teaching methods to cope with the necessity for social distancing and, in some cases, isolation.

Of course there are many products already on the market which have evolved from recent trends in the adoption of huddle rooms and remote meeting areas. Many companies had recognised the savings in time and money present when meetings and conferences took place without the need to travel. So, with the need to minimise the need for social interaction many areas of life and business have taken heed of what has been learnt and applied this to the new normal.

On a purely social level there has been a massive uptake in the use of video calling, with Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams and others transitioning from being business tools to being ways in which families can get together virtually. In much the same way we have started to see business tools being appropriated as educational tools. With the UK government closing schools and with students from almost every level of education having to attend lessons remotely we see that this type of technology is enabling remote learning to continue and with greater and greater efficiency as teachers and pupils learn to leverage the available software and hardware.

We suggest here some of the great products from EPOS ( formerly Sennheiser ) which are being used in schools, universities and, of course, at home to allow education to continue remotely.


For students in diverse locations the ADAPT 360 headsets offer high quality audio for video learning ( Zoom/ Teams usually ) and also auto noise cancellation (ANC) which decreases distraction and hence allows greater concentration for the student. These headsets offer large comfortable over ear cushions which can be worn all day. The ADAPT 360 can connect via Bluetooth to almost any device and comes with a dongle for computer connection. It is officially certified for use with Microsoft Teams and supports a 39 hour talk time. Students ( and teachers ) will also be impressed at the performance of the ADAPT 360 for pure audio listening.

  • Concentrate in noisy environments
  • Ensure clear calls with certified solution
  • Switch effortlessly between your favourite devices
  • Enjoy stylish, comfortable design in matt black
  • High-quality stereo sound and reliable performance

The IMPACT MB Pro Series

Whether calling into online video lectures from home, or in socially distanced lecture halls, ensure high-quality communication with a premium Bluetooth® headset that complements your studying style. Enjoy natural conversations with EPOS Voice™ technology that optimizes your speech and EPOS Sound™ technology that reduces listener fatigue, enabling you to learn and participate to the best of your ability.

At time of writing this I am wearing a Sennheiser MB Pro 2 which connects to my PC via a Bluetooth Dongle and allows a freedom of movement not available with wired headsets. It is very lightweight and one is less aware of wearing it than a full over ear headset like the ADAPT 360 but it also allows greater awareness of background sounds.


For teachers lecturing remotely, the EXPAND 30 Series offers speakerphones that are wireless, portable, easy to use and with excellent sound quality – both for you in the room and for your students learning remotely via video conference. The variant EXPAND 30T is certified for Microsoft Teams offering a seamless user experience via a dedicated Teams button on the speakerphone that gives you instant access to the online classroom. The entire EXPAND 30 Series has highly advanced microphones, meaning you can explain ideas while moving around the room freely and still guarantee that your voice will be picked up and understood by your students. Their questions and comments come through loud and clear via an ultra-low distortion speaker. Furthermore, the EXPAND 30 Series enables simultaneous speech during video conferences – essential for the exchange of information between student and teacher that facilitates the learning process.

There are a great many more solutions from EPOS which can be leveraged to enhance the experience of remote or hybrid education scenarios where the ease of operation and rich audio combine to bring students and teachers together in as natural way as possible.

More Information

If you would like more information about how to enhance your remote learning experience – whether you are student or teacher then do get in touch with our team.