Ear Defenders and Communications

Peltor produce top of the range headsets for a multitude of environments. Their raison d'être is to protect.
All of Peltor's headsets are ear defenders - protecting the wearer from hazardous sounds, loud noises and constant potentially harmful sound levels.

Of course there are many environments where this sort of protection is necessary. Anyone working in construction should be aware that constant levels of sound can cause long term damage to the hearing. This also goes for people who work in industries such as pit lanes, aviation, railways, drilling, oil rigs and other such extreme arenas. Further to this there are occupations such as hunting, shooting, demolition and more which require protection from sharp loud bangs.

Naturally it is not always enough to isolate the wearer in a cosy silent bubble where no sound reaches their ears so Peltor ( incidentally a 3M subsidiary ) have developed various methods by which to deliver the optimum functionality for the wearer.

Ear Defenders with Walkie Talkie

3M PeltorSome of Peltor's ear defenders have a basic PTT ( push to talk ) walkie talkie function integral. This allows the wearers to communicate whilst working ( and whilst enjoying high levels of sound protection ). Headsets such as the Peltor Tactical XP perform this function whilst allowing ambient sound to penetrate via the built in microphones. The Workstyle Alert Active from Peltor even has a AM/ FM radio for some personal entertainment whilst at work.

Ear Defenders with Communications

Building on the PTT functionality already described Peltor manufacture many headsets which allow communications via alternate methods.
For example the ProTac WS XP can accept both Bluetooth and DECT transmission making a versatile ear defender in many scenarios. The Peltor Workstyle Bluetooth Hearing A2DP ( Advanced Audio Distribution Profile ) which facilitates the streaming of full stereo music to your headset. Of course this will be paused should a colleague wish to talk.

More Basic Ear Defenders

3M PeltorThe basic ear defender starts off with just a cup which protects from noise such as the Peltor Optime Ear defenders ( which are available in a selection of colours and noise protection levels. Next in line are the ear defenders which also capture low level sounds such as speech. The Peltor SportTac Hearing Protectors are a very popular headset with those into shooting and other load sports as they will allow one to talk to colleagues/ other participants but, due to advanced engineering, will instantly cut out sharp loud sounds such as explosions or gun shots.

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Ear Defenders for Other Specialities

A special mention should be made of the appearance and use of Peltor's equipment being used in an amphibious jet powered car.......