In many industries there is an ever present threat of noise on the workplace. This can be manifest in many ways – it can be sudden load blasts of noise or just long term noise which at first may appear to be benign, but after time it can cause permanent damage. Ear Defenders are a must in many instances.

In 2005 the government legislated in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations – laying down the responsibilities an employer has to protect employees and visitors from high or dangerous noise levels.

The trouble with hearing damage comes in two parts :

  1. It is often not detected early enough
  2. It is irreversible

Further to hearing damage high volume sounds at work make the workplace less safe as staff are less aware of their environment and unable to hear warnings or alarms.

Hence the legislation states that an employer has the responsibility to both act to reduce noise levels and to provide suitable hearing protection should it be necessary.

the human ear is delicateDo I need to protect my staff from noise at work?

The ear is an extremely delicate organ and can be injured easily – often without any associated pain as a warning.

Even low volume noises, say noises as loud as a hoover or a busy bar, if continuous can cause hearing damage. An employee who uses heavy tools or machinery for half an hour daily will need protection.

Naturally if your industry is heavy construction, mining, blasting, transport, manufacturing etc you will need hearing protection. Further to this there are cases where it is necessary to enable communications between staff members in areas of high noise levels – it is here that Ear Defenders with built in communication are a necessity.

What, then, is suitable hearing protection?

In some instances it could be enough just to wear protective ear plugs – however for louder or more sustained levels of noise a pair of ear muffs or ear defenders are a must. View the graphic below for a guide to noise levels and the sort of hearing protection you should consider.

ear defenders and decibel levels

Are your staff ‘angry’ due to noise within the workplace?

Ensure your staff are wearing the correct ear defence within the workplace by arranging a free site visit by our experts. They will be in a position to test for all potential harmful noises at your premises then propose the correct certified ear protection for you. Communication between staff whilst having their hearing protected is fundamental and at Best4Systems we have many cost effective solutions that will increase productivity at the same time as protecting your staff from harmful noises.

How Can Best4Systems Help You?

We have many years of experience in the sale and support of ear defending headphones and headsets and are a Peltor Platinum Dealer. We have supplied a variety of noise protecting ( and communicating ) solutions to an array of industry sectors including Moto Grand Prix, Police Forces, Military, Aviation Crews, Oil Platform Teams, Rail Network Operatives, Construction and factory workers.
If you would like our help then get in touch with us and we can arrange a free onsite noise assessment and consultation. Based upon our findings we can offer you advice on best practice and support in provisioning your employees with the best noise protection headwear for your purpose. We are also able to offer you sample, trial products so that you are able to properly assess the effectiveness of our proposed solutions.

Call us now on 01903 704448 to arrange your free on site trial.

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