DECT Multihandset Systems

DECT Cordless Phones are not always the first thing that you think of as a business communications tool but many small firms make use of a multi handset cordless phone system as a cheap and easy to use replacement for a telephone system.

The drawback will be that as these will be single line - meaning that if one person is on a call the line will be engaged - but for some small businesses - who do not expect a large volume of calls this is perfectly acceptable.

What will a DECT Multihandset System Do?

PANASONIC DECT PHONESBeing a digital cordless phone you should receive a clear signal with a sound quality as good as a corded phone with a range ( from handset to base ) of up to 300m outdoors and 50m with walls.

A DECT signal transmits over the 2.4Ghz range in Europe and though initially was a standard aimed at telephones it is used in many other applications.

As previously mentioned, most cordless phones will only allow one incoming line. However it is possible to answer a call on one handset and transfer it to another. Using a similar process it is possible to place internal calls from one handset to another.

The way in which they work is via DECT communications whereby the main base station of the telephones is plugged into the incoming line socket. This traditionally will have one phone charging station on it and a paging button ( in order to find misplaced handsets ). One this is installed one can place any other handsets withing range of the base station : 50-100m typically. Up to 6 GAP handsets can be registered to a single DECT base station.

Where can you use a DECT Multihandset System?

We have seen then that in many small business scenarios a DECT system like this can facilitate internal and external communications, Indeed many small offices, shops, garages and areas make use of a multi handset system. Of course if incoming calls levels increases to a large extent it may be necessary to investigate the use if a small telephone system to increase the number of lines.

Other Features

Looking in particular at the Panasonic KX-TGD31XEB Cordless Telephone - which is a simple, yet powerful cordless phone we can see several useful features :

  • Handset Speakerphone - great for anyone involved with manual work or indeed waiting on hold for a long time.
  • Backlit Display - makes digits legible in low light conditions - also helps those with visibility issues.
  • eco mode - power saving and, hence money and environment saving features
  • Large keys - bigger keys make the keys easier to operate and, of course, make them more legible

The next model up is the Panasonic KX-TGD32XEB which is enhanced with the addition of a digital answer machine.

If you are interested in more information on Panasonic digital cordless phones , or indeed the Panasonic KX-TGD31XEB Cordless Telephone then do get in touch with us on 0844 824 6664 or use the form here