This Cisco Conference phone comes with the moniker ‘Unified’ which means that it has the facility to bring together the many media channels via which we conduct business communications such as speech/ voice, video collaboration, mobile and the PSTN.

The Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G allows a crystal clear audio transmission using VoIP ( Voice over IP ) making use of Wideband Technology to deliver a truly state of the art experience.

The sound of the 7937G is improved over previous models with the adoption of additional G.722 codec – this enhances the wideband audio – producing a clearer and richer sound. This not only makes speech that little bit more easy to hear, but allows one to identify who is speaking at any given moment more quickly. The 7937G also can extend the conference room coverage up to 30 by 40 feet with additional microphones and the facility to utilise 3rd party lapel microphones for further enhancement.
7937g cisco conference phone
Design wise the Cisco 7937G comes with a clearer and larger LCD screen ( backlit ) and improved, more easy to use. Cisco have also added a further four soft keys so that feature access is facilitated.

Summary of Additional Features in the 7937G

  • starSupport of the G.722 codec increases audio performance
  • starIEEE Power over Ethernet (PoE) or the Cisco Power Cube 3 Power options
  • starExpanded room coverage up to 30 feet by 40 feet with the optional external microphone kit
  • starCompatibility with lapel microphones
  • starBigger and more easy to read from a distance backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)

Cisco Help Video – Basic Use

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