So how do you get around to changing the time on a Norstar System?

You need to be on either of these phones (M7310, M7324 or T7316 telephone) to be able to change the time.

  • Press the Feature key.
  • Type in 266344. (this spells out CONFIG)
  • Depending on System either * type in 266344 as the password. (this spells out CONFIG) or type in 22742 as the password. (this spells out BASIC)
  • the screen will read Terminals and Sets and 4 arrows will light up near the keys on the bottom right part of the phone.
  • Press the bottom right key until the display reads Time and Date.
  • Press the top right key.
  • Using the softkeys (the 3 keys directly under the display) change the date.
  • Press the bottom right arrow key.
  • Using the softkeys again, change the time and hit the RLS key.

And that is how you change the time on a Norstar System!

*Note: This assumes the default password has not been changed