Call Recording for your Business

Recording calls is a necessity in many industries for both legal reasons and in order to give your customers the best experience possible.

Protection from Disputes and Litigation

retell_570lFor example in many sectors where contractual obligations may be established in a phone conversation it is imperative to have a recorded version of the call saved for future reference.
The FCA even recommends that many sectors records all calls whilst making it obligatory in other areas of industry. These recorded calls can be used to act as evidence should any dispute arise whilst providing a clear record of negotiations.

Call recording is crucial in the areas of Financial Services such as Insurance, Investment, Loans, Banking and Debt Collection and and firms which offers legal advice

Increasing Staff Efficiency

Further to this call recording can be used for staff training whereby a supervisor can review a staff member's client conversations and advise on best practice.
This leads to increased customer satisfaction as well as increased productivity for the operators.
In many areas such as call centres, sales teams, customer service operators etc call recording can be used for just such an improvement of practice and process.

Sophisticated call recording technology allows a database to be built up so that, upon request, calls can be searched for by any criteria that is necessary such as . Giving the system administrator and management access to a wealth of data.

Call recording systems can also be aligned to integrate with call management systems allowing a holistic view of your business telephony interactions.

If you are intrested in using call recording technology in your business please get in touch with one of our team so that we can recommend the best solution for you. ( calls may be recorded ).....or view some call recording equipment here