system telephones guideAnalog Office Phones – Suitable to connection to most traditional PABX Systems, Small Telephone Systems or Single Lines – here is Part one of our guide to entry level desktop business telephones for any environment. These are the most basic, and perhaps the most popular of such phones for the office, they are not the all singing and dancing versions more commonly associated with executive desks or VoIP systems, they are telephones which do their job, and do it well.

Business is business and the traditional, and still the most common scenario, is that the employee has a desk. Whether you are an office administrator, a graphic designer, a call centre/ customer service operative or even an estate agent it is highly likely that you have a screen and a phone. Here we start looking at the great variety of business desktop telephones available for the office worker and examine the pros and cons of various features and set ups available with the hope that if you are looking for a phone for one or a hundred desks you may find this guide of some use.


Interquartz 9335

Solid, Long Warranty, Easy to Use

business phoneConsistently one of our most desirable business phones – featrure rich, with large LCD screen, Caller ID (CLI), speakerphone, and large number memory. The Interquartz 9335 has a 6 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and is built to high specificationsand comprises the following features :

  • Headset Port
  • Large Display
  • Speakerphone
  • 100 Name and Number Directory
  • Hearing aid Compatible
  • Data Port

Naturally the phone comes with a host of basic features, and these can be found on the website at Interquartz 9335.


Converse 2200

Cheap, Simple, Basic Features

converse business phoneThe best seller in the very popular range of BT Converse phones. This ‘middle of the range’ unit fulfils many of the core business requirements and also allows on-hook dialling.

  • Headset Port
  • 10 Quick Dial Buttons
  • Visual Ringer
  • Message waiting indicator

This is a perfect entry level phone which can be plugged into a normal telephone socket whilst being compatible with PBX/ PABX Systems. The phone can be viewed here BT Converse 2200


ATL Berkshire 200

10 Year Warranty, Robust, Headset Port

Berkshire  business phoneA well known workhouse of a business phone – used in locations from hospitals, universities and hotel – where multiple analogue extensions are required. With a 10 year warranty and robust design, it is a proven tool for these types of environment.

  • ELR /TBR Switchable
  • Headset Port
  • Adjustable Headset Volume
  • Latching Mute

View the telephone here :ATL Berkshire 200

We have a large selection of business desktop telephones for office, call centres and even home working, each with industry recognised feature sets and all with their own specifications, for more information get in touch with us on 0844 624 6664 or email us at