The BT X500 Conference PhoneThe BT X500 conference phone is a newcomer to the block, one traditionally dominated by Polycom and Avaya – but BT have a tradition of delivering high quality and well designed products built around their brand and the BT X500 is no different.

Its design is not too far removed from that of the industry standard, but then again, certain design principles have to be met.
A conference phone needs to sit, flat on a desk and have a 360 degree range with which to both pick up and broadcast sound.
In the instance of the BT X500 we have a main, desktop conference phone which has a wired connection. This unit has a built in speaker with a remarkably clear sound and two integral microphones.

What is special about the BT X500?

The BT X500 Additional MicrophonesWhat makes it stand out, apart from its very competitive price, is the incorporation of four wireless microphones in the base unit. These charge whilst in the unit and can be easily slipped out and placed at the conference’s perimeter allowing a greater range of conference participation as well as clearer sound for all.

That really is a good touch that BT have thought of with the X500 as this really makes the unit usable for both small and larger conferences. It is more than just plug and play – it is plug and play with expansion option that is simple to use.
A nice further touch is that each of the individual microphones have a mute button which silences all 6 ( base and extension ) microphones simultaneously.

Conference phones make remote business meetings simple and cost effective, saving time and money.

All in all we found this well priced and well made – functional and sturdy – it was simple to install and gave a great reach or sound for all parties involved in the conference. The BT X500 is available on our website here