BT Converse Telephones for Home or Office

Converse TelephonesModern desktop business telephones have evolved at a rapid rate over recent years - with the incorporation of colour touch screens, Unified Communications Platforms, xml based applications and a host of other network based functions have enabled the desk phone to become a conduit to a huge range of information and resources. However there is always a need for the simple telephone, one, maybe which is not used all day by a busy executive, but one which sits there and rings occasionally and works.

These office stalwarts are often forgotten in the melée of feature rich business telephony but we feel that a few of them merit bringing to the fore again as they offer plug and play installation, little necessity for complex configuration and simple operation - they are perfect for ringing people or answering the phone when it rings and talking to them - somewhat what Edison had in mind when he proposed telephony as a concept.

Some of the best selling phones over the past few years have been the BT Converse range of corded desktop telephones. To introduce the BT Converse I will start with the cheapest telephone in the range :

BT Converse 2100

The BT Converse 2100 Telephone is a well built and sleek phone with a few basic features such as a secrecy button, a headset port and three convenient pre programmable numbers. Simple, but sometimes that is all you need.

Converse Telephones

BT Converse 2200

Moving on up the line a little we come to the BT Converse 2200 Telephone, this phone increases the pre dial count to 10 one touch quick dial buttons, and has an inductive coupler - which is a useful addition to the telephone for any one who wears a hearing aid and is fully PBX compatible. It is also wall mountable which can make it useful in many scenarios. There is also a secrecy button to mute the microphone.

BT Converse 2300

The BT Converse 2300 is even more of a business phone that the preceding two models, it has a clear LCD screen with caller ID and, further, adds to the Converse staple features with the addition of a fully duplex hands free speakerphone - giving simultaneous two wat conversation. In fact a speakerphone is a very useful feature in a home phone for anyone who is waiting on hold for an answer from a utility company.

All in all the BT Converse offer, not only great value for money, but classy design and superb quality of build and function, they are good value telephones for any situation, providing communications in either home or office.

Best4Systems stock the BT Converse Range of Phones, in both brand new and refurbished ( with full warranty ) condition, for immediate dispatch.

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