Bluetooth was originally developed by Ericsson in 1994 and was created as a way of allowing data transmission over multiple devices over short distances. Its initial consumer implementations were predominantly for the communications of mobile telephones to headsets or personal computers. Now the Bluetooth standard is in use in a host of everyday devices such as TVs, Security Devices, Sat Navs, Lighting, Streaming and Health and Fitness. Perhaps though the technology is still associated with speech transmission and communications.

Here at Best4Systems we specialise in industry and business communications and more and more we are seeing Bluetooth Technology taking the place of more established data transfer ( such as WiFi and DECT ) to allow the connection of a range of devices in office and outdoors. In order for a device to be sold as “Bluetooth” it must be passed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group as having attained the necessary quality and standards.

Here are some of our products which harness the ease of connection, reliability, security and quality of sound of Bluetooth:

Bluetooth Office Headsets

Once wired, then wireless – now Bluetooth, office headsets can now be synchronised to both PC and Mobile simultaneously and Bluetooth Intelligent Switching will allow a seamless transition between devices meaning that one can wear a headset like the Plantronics Voyager B230-M PRO and without any ado, move from office to car to home and always be connected.

Bluetooth Special Environment

Many outdoor workers have to put up with high noise levels and, hence, wear ear defenders as protection. As ever, communications play a vital role in both the productivity and safety of employees and Bluetooth facilitates this in many instances. Peltor ( a 3M subdivision ) are market leaders in the provisioning of protective ear gear. An example of this is the Peltor High Attenuation Bluetooth Headband Headset – wit this device the wearer benefits from high levels of ear protection whilst being able to connect the ear defenders to either a mobile phone or other devices to allow full communications – these can be fitted also with protective helmets for real at work safety.

Bluetooth Voice Conferencing

Audio Conferencing Phones are a great addition to any business, they allow clear, two way, hands free conversation between offices and with many people involved an audio conferencing unit such as the Bluetooth enabled Polycom VoiceStation 500 which allows a wire free installation of a conference phone in the middle of a meeting room – via Bluetooth of course.

If you would like any information as to how Bluetooth products can ease your communications or increase productivity please get in touch with us on 0844 824 6664 or use the contact us form.