Best4Systems Staff Favourites Part 1

clock radioBest4Systems thought that it would do a little human interest stories in the run up to Christmas. A lot of what we sell are business telecoms so we had a little chat in the office and came up with our favourite little toys we have and love. These are not the products we sell, indeed we had to try to steer clear of our most beloved electronic gadgets, which were, of course, telephones and headsets and stick to more traditional devices.

iPad Docking Station

Gone are the days of listening to my drifters tape in the back of my Dads Austin maxi!!
Technology has come on leaps and bounds and a woman nearing the big 50 I can recommend embracing technology.
The ipad is a fantastic piece on kit on its own merit but connected to the Ipad docking station I can listen to the Drifters along with Barry Manilow and Barbara Streisand all day wirelessly around the house.
Sound quality is fantastic and its something I NOW CANT LIVE WITHOUT!!!!

AC - Sales

Windows Surface Tablet

This year for my birthday I received my long awaited Windows Surface RT tablet. It has since been my daily companion for surfing the web, Twitter, Facebook and email. There are many tablets to rival the Windows Surface however for me it was the windows 8 tablet as I think it is perfect for the touch screen experience; I also have a windows phone so I am maybe a little biased! For daily use it is perfect and has been the most used piece of kit I have had in a long time. It is easy to fit in my handbag and with the touch keyboard it can easily be used for typing documents whilst sat in the coffee shops! It has come in handy for Christmas shopping too as I can do it all in front of the fire instead of a chilly Saturday morning! I love my windows surface and I' d be lost without it now!

Nat - Procurement

Clock Radio

I love technology. Give me a smartphone or a laptop and I'm happy. Show me the latest flat screen TV catalogue and I'm engrossed. But despite this, my favourite bit of tech is my first, only and current alarm clock! It was a 10th birthday present and has not left my side for over 25 years.

Now I know it's not technically advanced or a DAB radio, but it still works as brilliantly as it did that first day. I guess it's the antithesis of today's gadgets which seem to be outdated after a couple of years. I find it reassuring….. or perhaps it's just I'm getting old!

Matt - IT

Sat Nav

As a dedicated technophobe and certified electronic buffoon I struggled to think of my favourite device as I generally despise them all, to be honest I still lament the advent of the age of steam.

A light bulb then went off in my head (despicable things compared to candles) and I remembered on every long car journey (wishing it was a horse) my Tom Tom sat nav is a masterpiece. I get to my destination without any hassle, wrong turns or even worse arguing with the navigator. I am spellbound by its knowledge, although I do sometimes think it believes I am a simpleton as it repeats itself incessantly. On journeys when I'm on my own it's great company and allows me to chat and swear at it with impunity.

Truly a masterpiece.

Martin - Office Manager

Orla Kiely DAB Radio

I moved into a new place recently and had always wanted a nice DAB radio, my first purchase needed to be returned to the vendor - but this one - a refurbished item in poor cosmetic condition was superb value and rather like adopting an old cat - its a wonderful radio that switches from Radio 6 Music to World Service in an instant, delivers great sound and looks kind of kooky. It follows me sometimes from room to room as well.

Sam - IT

Heated Bike Grips

Warm hands are essential for safe and enjoyable motorcycling, in my opinion, and gloves are not always enough to prevent one's hands from seizing up as a result of freezing conditions. The best solution to this dilemma is heated hand grips. My previous motorbike (Yamaha 600 Fazer) had them fitted and I have really been suffering since the temperature dropped this year, with my current bike (Triumph Speed Triple 955i) which is currently without this luxury. Therefore, my Christmas present to myself this year is some new heated grips and I have sourced some very high-tech and efficient ones by Datatool which, apparently, are simple to install so let's hope this is the case.
Looking forward to New Year riding with toasty hands!

Jane - Admin