Best Noise Cancelling Headsets 2020

The ever increasing deployment of customer services operations into dedicated offices or call centres has made the provisioning of good noise cancelling headsets a necessity. Noise cancelling headsets block out background noise which can be distracting for both the worker and the customer and allow clear and concise transmission of voice. We, here, have had a look at some of the best noise cancelling headsets available from the top manufacturers : Sennheiser, Jabra, Plantronics ( now known as Poly ) and Avalle.

The Sennheiser Century SC 660 is a two eared ( binaural ) wired headset which is noted to its high comfort levels and ultra noise cancelling build. Its build quality, which includes a Kevlar headset cord and leatherette ear cushions and ease of use have made it a headset of choice in many large call centres. This headset can be connected via either USB ( to Unified Communications / Microsoft Teams ) or via QD ( Quick Disconnect ) to a deskphone.

A monaural version of the preceding model, the Sennheiser SC 630 provides comfortable and easy wearing via a one eared ( monaural ) headset. The advantage of this is that it is easy to chat with colleagues or customers in person The Sennheiser SC Series also provide protection from acoustic shock. It comes with the same headset connectivity options as the SC 660

The Encore Pro HW510 from Plantronics ( now known as Poly ) is a monaural headset which provides all day wearing comfort and rich and clear audio. It is available in either voice tube or noise cancelling versions ( a choice dependent upon the level of background noise ). Sound is enhanced via Plantronics’ own SoundGuard technology.

Plantronics HW520 Encorepro Binaural Headset – the binaural version of the HW510 is the sort of headset for a busy call centre or noisy office that can be worn all day, allowing 100% focus on the call. A good headset like the HW520 is a great tool for increasing the productivity of the operator whilst ensuring heightened satisfaction for the customer.

The Verso headsets from UK designer Avalle are two ( or maybe three ) entries in the best noise cancelling headset category. What makes these great is the fact that these headset are both affordable – far cheaper than the better known brands. What makes the Verso amazing is that they have been conceived in a modular form. This means that all components are easily replaceable and interchangeable. A further, and novel, and intentional, result of this is that the Monaural Version can be converted easily to a Binaural Version ( and vice-versa ). This means that it is possible for someone to benefit from two wearing styles without having to buy ( and store ) two separate headsets. The Avalle Verso can be purchased as a complete kit or as either the Avalle Verso Monaural and Avalle Verso Binaural models.

Now we move on to wireless and Sennheiser’s SDW series are some of the most advanced headsets available today ( 2020 ). The monaural Sennheiser SDW 5016 and the binaural Sennheiser SDW 5066 provide excellent integration and collaboration in a variety of ways. These headsets are able to connect to telephones, via USB ( to PC/ or Teams/ Unified Communications )and via Bluetooth™ to devices such as tablets and smartphones.
The wireless connectivity is supplied via a DECT connection to the base station and will give the user a range of up to 100m in good conditions. These are pare of Sennheiser’s IMPACT range of top of the range business headsets.

Some of the most beautifully designed and fully featured noise cancelling headsets are, of course, made by Jabra. The Jabra Engage 65 Mono and the Jabra Engage 65 Stereo are Teams Compatible headsets capable of connection to two devices at the same time and offering dual connectivity ( deskphone and USB/ Softphone ) – these support high density deployment.

And finally the Jabra Evolve 75 which is available in both Microsoft Teams Certified and Unified Communications versions, The Jabra evolve 75 is a wireless Bluetooth Headset which brings high levels of comfort and portability to the user whilst incorporating Superior ANC (Advance Noise Cancellation). These headsets also have well cushioned HiFi speakers and HD Voice and also an integrated busylight which acts as a ‘do not disturb’ sign to reduce interruptions and enhance productivity.