Back to work…..?

Choosing your path

Back to work…..?

The effect of the current COVID-19 pandemic has been felt by everybody and every business. Never has anything caused such a world-wide hiatus for travel and commerce in almost all countries..



How will we return to a normal way of life?


What are the on-going issues we have to face?


When will there be a vaccine?


Will my working routines now be changed for ever?


How can I return to my place of work?


Can I feel secure in my job?

For the meantime the best we can do is manage our staggered return to life as we now know it. We need to manage people – who are potentially mentally and physically fragile; our workplaces, to make them as assuredly safe as possible; and our businesses to help them on the road to recovery, and through the process of adapting to the new ‘normal’. Some of our working practices will have changed forever.

As a business, Best4Systems has adapted, and continues adapting, to bring in tools to assist with this challenge. Having supplied vital government institutions such as the NHS – from emergency call centres to the individual surgeries in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland – with the vital tools to keep them working efficiently, and businesses large and small with the equipment vital to keep them working remotely at short notice, we have witnessed first hand the pressure that COVID-19 has spawned. Now we are ready for the next challenge – the return to work.

The use of simple reassurance tools such as thermal imaging equipment for fever detection is the most obvious, tangible and positive action that any business, dentist, doctor’s surgery or school can implement. A strikingly visible reminder of the need to remain aware of the situation, it was and is the primary tool used in airports, supermarkets and any place where people gather. Whilst it is not fool-proof, it will at least help identify anyone with a fever and bring them to the attention of whomever is controlling the access. These will provide a semblance of solace.

In terms of the future, we are also looking at the return a potentially new way of working. One that reduces the stressful daily commute and promotes a greater sense of well-being, thus directly and positively improving physical and mental health. Looking at the ecological footprint, seeing how a short travel ban has already affected the air quality, water clarity, and myriad other areas. Breaking down and reassembling the daily work schedule, in a conscientious and mindful way. Maintaining productivity through structural and timetable ingenuity is key.

The potential of working remotely, or at least not travelling so often, is very real. We can upgrade home working equipment to better keep you in touch, visually through better video equipment, audibly through better sound equipment, and instantly through the use of messaging services and integration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. There are many ways of improving the home working experience, to enable a successful, efficacious result.

The workplace has changed for the better. Now let’s embrace the technology to assist the transition.