An Introduction

Avaya is one of the global leaders in communication systems, applications and services. The company design, build, deploy and manage communication networks for a variety enterprises. Avaya telephone systems can be found in the offices of a range of companies from small businesses and non-profit organisations up to FTSE 100 companies in the UK. The reliance on Avaya telephone systems stems from reliable, secure products that facilitate customer relationships, enhance productivity and maximize profitability.

Avaya’s unique combination of communications applications, systems and services help simplify complex telephone systems and work with existing technologies from other manufacturers to enable businesses to unlock the value and potential of their telephone systems. Avaya telephone systems embed communications into the business processes of an organisation, improving working methods, making workforces more productive, making processes more intelligent and increasing the number of satisfied customers.

The dependance of Avaya Telephone Systems on Interoperability

When a business has many different applications and equipment from different manufacturers that cover the voice and data communications functions within an organisation, moving to IP enabled system that manages both voice and data communications such as an Avaya telephone syetem can seem daunting. With, Avaya telephone systems though, you will find it easy to move efficiently and smoothly to the rewards that come with IP technology.

Avaya telephone systems can layer on top of your existing communications network and seamlessly integrate with almost every other piece of telephone system or data equipment you have. The focus on providing interoperability in their products enables Avaya to bring to life new business models that can increase productivity and improve the efficiency of business change via a single network. Avaya have developed their products to integrate with the common architecture of the IP telephony market that consists of open servers comprised of highly distributed gateways that interlink IP and traditional elements, and a wide range of modern access devices including IP telephones, wireless telephones, PDAs, and more.


Features of Avaya Telephone Systems

Best4Systems offer the the Avaya Definity telephone system for a future-proof environment for organisations of between 30 and 500 members. The ability of Avaya telephone systems to grow without the need to change the whole system has attracted many buyers and the ease of which enhanced features and services can be added through additional keycodes, software upgrades and modules means that the Avaya has proven to be a popular choice.

Avaya telephone systems such as the Definity G3R, Definity Communication Manager and Definity wireless solution have been developed with focus on investment. Much of the equipment already in use in an Avaya telephone system can be re-used if upgrading is neccessary thus passing a significant saving an organisation.