Avaya Phones for Business

Although Avaya as a company can be said to be going through a restructuring process - moving from a purely hardware based offering and expanding into becoming a software and services company, Avaya have always produced some of the most popular business telephones / IP endpoints. Their popularity assured by their quality of build and ease of use.

Best4Systems is able to stock, for immediate dispatch, many Avaya office communications products which can integrate with your telephone system and increase efficiency and general happiness in your workplace.

Avaya 9608G IP Phone

Avaya 9608G IP PhoneThe 9608G from Avaya is an IP deskphone with a large LCD screen and a duplex speakerphone. It boasts 4 programmable softkeys and 8 ( LED ) buttons for quick access. It is a desktop IP phone that is compatible with all good hosted IP platforms and is the sort of phone that can be used all day. It has additional features which include being able to expand to take either Bluetooth or DECT headsets - via adaptors , supports usage for people wearing a hearing aid and can be powered via its Ethernet connection. Best4Systems stock both the refurbished and new Avaya 9608G models here.

Avaya 1608i

Avaya 1608iAvaya's 1608i is a cheaper option for those wishing to kit out their workplace with a decent IP phone. For the price it delivers a lot, it has a backlit LCD screen, allows duplex conferencing, power over Ethernet, and a very useful 4-way navigation button for scrolling through the on screen menus. The Avaya 1608i is available both as new and refurbished ( the refurbished 1608i also with a 12 month warranty ).


Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone

Avaya B179 SIP Conference PhoneAvaya don't just make IP telephones, they also make fully dedicated conference units which will work over SIP/ IP. The B179 will connect directly to either an IP PBX Telephone system or a cloud based VoIP platform. It can take its power via POE and can take up to 5-way calls. It also allows call recording ( with the participants' permissions ) and will accept connection to wireless headsets. This Avaya conference phone will allow remote business meetings to take place at a moment's notice. View the Avaya B179 here

Avaya B189 IP Conference Phone

Avaya B189 SIP Conference PhoneThe B189 conference phone ups the ante a bit with its sleek and stylish ( we think so ) design and integral capacitive 5 inch touch screen ( bigger than the iphone 7 ). It outputs great sound with 360 degree pick up and OmniSound enhanced wideband audio. This conferencing unit will deliver a decent range for large meeting rooms and uses SIP protocol - connecting seamlessly to he majority of VoIP systems. View or buy the Avaya B189 here.

Avaya 1616i IP Telephone

Avaya 1616i IP TelephoneThe Avaya 1616i is a high quality desktop IP phone designed for someone who uses the phone and hence requires immediate access to a host of functions via the navigator button. The screen has a clear large LCD display which has a good backlight and an adjustable viewing angle - this allows the phone to be placed in a convenient situation on the desk. It has fixed feature keys for direct access to functions such as call transfer, hold, mute and drop as well as to the fully duplex conference facility.View the Avaya 1616i here.

Avaya 9641GS IP Phone

Avaya 9641GS IP PhoneThe 9641GS is an IP phone with advanced telephony features . Most strikingly it has a large colour touchscreen display ( with a 4 position tilt ). This telephone will meet the most demanding requirements of a busy user with integrated Bluetooth for headset connection as well as Gigabit Ethernet, POE, support for additional expansion modules and fixed feature keys for access to call handling features. The 9641GS can be viewed and or purchased here.

Avaya 9611G IP Telephone - 1 Gigabit

Avaya 9611G IP TelephoneThe 9611G is one of the most popular IP endpoints on the market with a large and clear LCD display and 8 lines. It supports Gigabit Ethernet for high speed data ( good sound quality ) and a headset jack ( it also has support for both DECT and Bluetooth headsets ). Avaya Aura is integrated which is an extensible IP telephony platform which delivers Unified Communications. The Avaya 9611g is available for purchase on our website.

Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems. The company provides unified communications, contact centers, and related services directly and through its channel partners to leading businesses and organizations
around the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.
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